Yehaa Bob Injured In Auto Accident

Disney World fan favorite Yehaa Bob was injured in auto accident December 28th,  2016. He was on his way to work when he was rear ended and taken to the hospital. Though sore Bob sustained no serious injuries and plans to be back to work for his New Year’s Eve show.

Who is Yehaa Bob

Bob is a popular musician and comedian at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside resort. He performs several nights a week (usually two shows) at the River Roost. Although the River Roost is technically a lounge it is open to all ages so everyone can enjoy Bob and his antics.Yehaa bob at port orleans riverside river roost

Yehaa Bob (real name Bob Jackson) blends singing and comedy while he plays a piano that is quite literally rocking. (Check it out in the video below!) He encourages his audience to get involved too and his shows are usually crowded.

So how big a deal is Bob? He has his own page on the official Disney Site.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery Bob!

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