Woman accused of choking a girl at Disney

Woman Accused Of Choking A Girl at Disney

Did you ever think you would read a headline like this one, “woman accused of choking a girl at Disney”? Well now you have. Not only has the woman been accused she has been arrested!


Woman Accused Of Choking A Girl at Disney

Now before we get into the details I want to make one thing clear. A woman accused of choking a girl at Disney is not a woman convicted of choking a girl at Disney. It is an allegation at this point but the story is taking some Disney sites by storm and I wanted to bring it to your attention.

The accused woman is 41 year old Tabbatha Mature. According to the reports she was sitting in the Magic Kingdom waiting for the fireworks. Seated in front of her were several teenagers who were travelling with their school.Woman accused of choking a girl at Disney

When the fireworks began the teens stood up and Mrs Mature (if this is true the name certainly doesn’t fit!) began to complain. The teens then allegedly began to leave telling Mature she could have their spot.

That is when the alleged attack occurred. Mature grabbed one of the teen girls and began to choke her telling the young lady not to mess with her. Law enforcement was called and Mature was arrested.

You can read all about it here.

So Did It Really Happen That Way?

Now I am not saying it did not happen that way and I am not saying it did happen that way. I was not there and the truth be told neither were you.

I do know that I have seen an increase in over-the-top rude guests abusing cast members, other guests and their own families!

Which leads me to something I which Disney would do. I would love to see Disney start getting medieval on some people and kicking them out.

Groups of teens (whether from the infamous Brazilian Tour Groups or not) running amok need to either behave or go!  Drunks falling all over themselves, spilling drinks and passing out need to go! And by the way Disney take some responsibility and cut these people off where you can! The way some people talk make me think I’m at the pier watching sailors disembark from a 12 month cruise. Do they know that children are around? I mean come on this is Walt Disney World. It’s a family experience can we get back to a place where children can not be exposed to all the depravity of mankind? A place where they won’t get choked out just for trying to see the fireworks?

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