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Why Did Talking Mickey Mouse Go Away

Why did talking Mickey Mouse go away? Did you even know there was a talking Mickey? (If not then you need to check out this page.) No, not the one in the stage shows. There was a meet and greet in the Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse and he talked to you! His mouth moved and his eyes blinked but now he is no more. So what happened?

Why did talking Mickey Mouse go away?

I have searched and searched for the one true answer but unfortunately I cannot find an official statement from Disney. I find a lot of answers that sound like the they could be true or at least part of the truth so I am going to tell you what I have found.

Although Disney has not officially told us how talking Mickey worked the best guess is there was a cast member behind the scenes we could not see. That extra cast member or members added to the cost and Disney decided that cost was not worth it.

Why did talking Mickey Mouse go away
Talking Mickey was my favorite meet and greet but now he’s gone. Are you sad too?

Because talking Mickey had moving parts the costume also cost more to make and maintain. Again, we have to wonder did this extra cost cause Disney to ditch him?

All of those extra parts caused the head to weigh more too. Several people I have talked to suggested the extra weight was hard on the cast members and may have led to injuries. Just for reference, the cast members who play Mickey are somewhere between 5’2″ and 5’4″ so we are talking some petite people.

The final reason I have heard is that talking Mickey confused children. Imagine this, a child meets Mickey in the Magic Kingdom today and he’s saying hi, telling jokes and more. Then tomorrow they meet him at Epcot or one of the other parks and he is silent as a tomb.  Think children don’t notice? My son did on his first trip. He asked me (in front of Mickey) why Mickey was not talking. The quick thinking cast member grabbed his or her throat and I explained that Mickey had a sore throat.

So why did talking Mickey Mouse go away

So which of these was the real reason? Of the four possibilities I know which ones I hope it was.

I have absolutely no problem with Disney shutting down talking Mickey if the costume was hurting people. I just hope they find a way to lighten the costume so he can make a triumphant return.

As far as confusing children, well Mickey talks in the stage shows. Doesn’t that confuse them too? I am not saying it cannot be part of the reason but I am saying its not a very good reason.

If Disney shut talking Mickey down just because of cost that would disappoint me. But it would not surprise me either. Disney has been on a cost savings kick for a while now.

Of course a non-talking Mickey is not going to stop me from having a great Disney vacation! And my son is now at that age that he’s figuring out that he isn’t the real Mickey Mouse anyway (sad face.)

So what do you think?



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