What Is An E Ticket Ride

What Is An E Ticket Ride

Walt Disney World has a seen a lot of changes over the years. Rides have come and gone. New parks and resorts have been added. The price of theme park admission has gone way up. What you get for the cost of admission has also changed which leaves many people wondering what an E-Ticket ride is.

When Walt Disney World (and Disneyland in California) originally opened admission to the parks was much cheaper. For example, in the early seventies park admission for a child was $4.95. Today park admission for a child ages three to nine starts at $88 for a single day ticket! That’s quite an increase.

Besides being cheaper there was a difference in what was included in the price of admission in those early days. Quite honestly what you got for the price of admission in the seventies was admission. Oh you could shop, eat, watch parades and such but not one single, solitary ride was included in the price of admission.

Instead guests could purchase attraction tickets. They were sold individually or in books. Unlike most fairs today where you buy a bunch of tickets and different rides cost different amounts of tickets Disney rides only cost one ticket.

However, not all tickets were equal. Tickets ranged from A-Tickets to E-Tickets and included B’s, C’s and D’s as well. The A-ticket rides were the simplest and least popular. The E-ticket rides were supposed to be the best of the best.

The E-Ticket rides included the likes of Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  About what you would expect. As you can see from the ticket below, however, there were some rides that really do not seem to qualify as the best of the best. Those include the Country Bear Jamboree, it’s a small world and (don’t fall out of your chair) The Hall of Presidents.

What Is An E-Ticket Ride

While some of these rides do not seem to belong in a list with the best of the best you must remember we are talking about the seventies. Audio-animatronics were new. CGI was not even thought of. Even Star Wars had not been made. So they may not have stood the test of time but they were once thought of proof of what Walt Disney imagineering could do. They had that wow factor.

By June of 1982 Disney had changed how park admission was handled. Guests now bought an admission ticket that included all the attractions. Of course they paid a lot more for it.

So the E-Ticket went away but the term remains popular today. Whenever a ride is deemed to be a main attraction to the park it is often called an E-Ticket ride.

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