Woman Accused of Choking Teen

Update: Woman Accused of Choking Teen

Woman Accused of Choking Teen

A few days ago I brought you the story of a woman accused of choking a teen at the Magic Kingdom. If you missed it you can read it here. Like I said in the original article I am not judging anything about the case because I was not there. Because I was not there I did not have both sides of the story.

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Well now we have the other side of the story. The accused has hired a lawyer and tells things a little differently then the alleged choking victim. I am just telling you there is another side. I am not taking either side because I was not there. 

The Other Side of the Story

The lawyer for the accused disputes almost everything that we were told in the first story. That is not surprising. Lawyers are paid to paint their client as innocent even if the client is not.

According to the lawyer their was no physical confrontation at all. Not only was there no physical confrontation the disagreement was primarily between the daughter of the accused and the supposed victim of the attack. He also says there are other witnesses that were not interviewed before his client was arrested.

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