Tron Coming To Walt Disney World

Tron Coming To Walt Disney World

Tron Coming To Walt Disney World

When Shanghai Disney opened in 2016 one of the biggest attractions was a Tron roller coaster. To be honest when I saw the videos I was more than a little jealous . When rumors started floating around I got a excited.  But rumors are just that which leaves us with the question, is Tron coming to Walt Disney World? I cannot give you a definite answer. Bob Iger won’t return my calls but we can look at what the Tron coaster is, how likely it might show up in the States and where it might fit.

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What is the Tron roller coaster

Well it is a roller coaster and it is themed to the Tron movie series. But that does not tell you much does it? The official name is TRON Lightcycle Power Run.

It is kind of hard to describe the ride but one of the unique features is the ride vehicle. The vehicles are designed to resemble the light cycles from the movie. Guests straddle them just like a motorcycle and are strapped in for the ride.

Once strapped in the guests are launched instead of pulled up a hill and released. From there the ride takes guests around the track. Part of the track is inside and part of the track is outdoors.

For a better idea of what it is watch the video below from Inside the Magic to get better idea.

Is Tron Coming To Walt Disney World

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? There are some good reasons it might. One reason is cost.  It costs hundreds of millions of dollars to add a brand new attraction to one of the parks. Part of that cost is construction and part of it is design and engineering. Copying a ride that is in one park and putting it into another park can save a good portion of the development cost.

Disney is not above having the same ride in more than one park (and they should not be!)Start comparing the Disney parks around the world. How many have Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, the Haunted Mansion and so on. They might not be exact duplicates but they are in more than one Disney park.

Tron is a popular ride! Like I said I am jealous I cannot ride it. After that video you probably are too! It makes sense to share Shanghai’s success with the rest of the world.

Then there is the year 2021. What is the big deal about 2021? It is the fiftieth anniversary of the Magic Kingdom. What better way to celebrate than adding a brand new E-ticket ride. (Don’t know what an E-ticket ride is? Click here to learn!)

Finally Universal is just down the road and ever since the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter opened up the competition has heated up. Both parks (WDW and USO) have been adding and improving in a never ending game to get a bigger percentage of our money. That is a good thing for us!

Where Would  A Tron Ride Go

If you are a fan of the Tomorrowland Speedway you might not like this answer. The most mentioned location is right where the Speedway is today.

But why take out such an iconic attraction? Let me count the reasons. It is a dated ride that feels like it should be a state fair instead of the world’s number one theme park.  It takes up a lot of room. And don’t forget the noxious fumes that surround the ride. Not only are they annoying but they are a reminder that the Tomorrowland Speedway is far from eco-friendly.

Another, less popular option, is a cast member parking lot behind Tomorrowland. So there is hope if you love the Speedway.

Will it happen?

Your guess is as good as mine but some good sources are predicting it!Click here to find out what they are saying.

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