Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List

Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List

Unless you live under a bucket you probably know what a bucket list is. It is a list of things a person wants to do before they die. This is my Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List.

So what makes this different from a top ten Disney list? The primary difference is that I am not likely to do all of these things. In fact I would not say it is likely that I will do any of them. Some of them are too expensive. Others require too much luck. As you read through the list you will see both why I want to do it and what is standing in the way.

Feel free to comment with your own list!

# 10 Eat At Victoria and Albert’s Chef’s Table

Most people probably think that Cinderella’s Royal Table is the most exclusive place to eat at Walt Disney World. They would be wrong. The most exclusive dining experience at Disney world is at Victoria and Albert’s. It is not only the most exclusive dining experience at Walt Disney World is one of the most exclusive in all of Florida.

Located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Victoria and Albert’s is only open for dinner.

There is a dress code for all diners. Men must wear dinner jackets with dress pants or slacks and shoes. Ties are optional. Women may wear a cocktail dress, nice dress, dressy pant suit or a skirt with a blouse.

Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List
Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian is the most exclusive dinner experience on property.

There are three dining areas, the main, Queen Victoria’s Room and the Chef’s Table. The main and Queen Victoria’s only have two seatings per evening. There is only one seating for the Chef’s Table. There is a limit of ten people per night for the Chef’s Table and they must all be in the same party.

The Chef’s Table is actually in the kitchen, which does not sound impressive at first. What makes it impressive is the chef himself will come to the table and prepare a menu based on the 10 people lucky enough to be eating at hit table.  A meal that can consist of up to 13 courses follows and the chef returns often to the table.

This one makes the bucket list for two reasons. The first is it is a very hard to get reservation. The second is the price. The menu is prix fixe (a fancy way of saying the price is set the same regardless of what you get.) That price is $125 per person.

For more information check out the official site here.

# 9 Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Item number two on my Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List  is taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour.

Have you ever seen a group of people being escorted around the Magic Kingdom by a Disney cast member and wondered what was going on? They may well have been taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour.

Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List
Take a guided tour through some of the secrets and lesser know facts about the Magic Kingdom

The Keys to the Kingdom Tour is one of several VIP tours offered at Walt Disney World. This particular tour is five hours long and costs $79 plus park admission.

Guests on this tour can expect to see things like the famed utilidors, learn some of the secrets behind some of the attractions and get a Keys to the Kingdom Tour exclusive keep sake. Most importantly, to me, is the chance to learn more about Walt Disney himself and some of his thought processes behind the creation of the Most Magical Place on Earth.  Guests must be at least 16 to experience the tour.

As with Victoria and Albert’s there are two reasons this one is on the list. One is price. At $79 plus park admission this is no cheap outing. Of course the tour is only five hours out of the day and you can spend the rest enjoying the park on your own.  Which leads to reason two this on the list, it takes five hours out of my day! If I got to go more often or stay longer when I do get to go that would not be an issue. But I don’t so it goes on the Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List.

# 8 Polynesian Resort

Not counting the Swan and Dolphin, Shades of Green or the deluxe villas and Disney Vacation Club properties there are 19 different resorts at Walt Disney World that are considered on property (maybe I should have put staying at every resort on the bucket list but staying at just this one might be enough.) If I could stay at any one of them it would be the Polynesian Resort.

Top Ten Disney Bucket List
Isn’t Nanea Volcano Pool l enough to put the Polynesian on your bucket list too?

The Polynesian is a Disney Deluxe resort. That means its rooms are among the biggest, the amenities are among the best and the implementation of the them is (yup you guessed it) among the best. It also means it has the one of the highest prices. The official Disney site says rooms at the Polynesian average over $400 per night.

The Polynesian (or Poly as Disneyphiles call it) is located on the Seven Seas Lagoon (the nice big lake right in front of the Magic Kingdom.) The resort is close enough to the Magic Kingdom that you can view Wishes from the resort. The even pipe in the soundtrack for you. Guests can also watch the Electrical Water Pageant which is presented nightly, weather permitting.

Because it is so close to the Magic Kingdom, the Poly is on the monorail loop. Guests can hop on the monorail and ride over to the Magic Kingdom or they can take a boat.

The ability to watch Wishes from the resort and the proximity to Magic Kingdom are enough to put the Poly on this list but what really seals the deal is the resort itself. Built to resemble a true island village it is just a beauty to behold!

Of course all of those great features come at a price, which is why the Polynesian is on the bucket list and not the been there done that list. To understand better take a look at this:
A comparison of resort prices. It includes a value, a moderate and two deluxe resorts.
# 7 24 Hours at the Magic Kingdom

At least twice the Magic Kingdom has been open for 24 hours.  These 24 hour fun fests generally run from 6 am to 6 am.  I don’t think I need to say much about this one. It’s 24 hours in the Magic Kingdom!

Unfortunately these events are few and far between and I do not have luxury of scheduling my vacations around them. But maybe some day…

# 6 Fulton’s Crab House

Fulton’s Crab House is located at Downtown Disney. You cannot miss it if you look. It will be the big steam boat on the water.

While Fulton’s is a steam boat on the water it is permanently docked and serves as the premier restaurant at Downtown Disney. As you might guess it features a lot of sea food though there are steaks on the menu.

Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List
If you have the money you can eat well at Fulton’s Crab House at Downtown Disney

This one is on the list because I love seafood and the idea of eating on the boat appeals to me. The price keeps it on the bucket list though.  To get what I really want, Filet Mignon with Australian lobster tail or Alaskan king crab legs would run me about $55 before tax or tip. That’s a lot of money after you have paid for the rest of your Disney World trip.

# 5 Wild Africa Trek

The Wild Africa Trek is the second tour to make it onto the Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List. This one is, of course, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

I love animals. I love the animal kingdom. I love learning. I’m the geek who actually asked my driver on the Kilimanjaro Safari what reticulated meant when he pointed out a reticulated giraffe. When I asked he actually asked me if I seriously wanted to know. (For my fellow geeks reticulated comes from the Latin and means like a net. It describes the color pattern on the giraffe.) That makes the Wild Africa Trek a no-brainer for me.

The Wild Africa Trek is a three hour tour. Unlike many Disney tours this one does allow cameras but they must be tethered to you.

Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List
Get a closer look at the animals with Disney’s Wild Africa Trek

The reason they must be tethered to you is the fact you will cross a rope bridge over the crocodiles. Disney does not want your camera to become their lunch.

Guests will also get a closer look at some of the other animals and eat lunch on the savanna. Lunch is included and  will feature African inspired foods. At one point it included an edible flower.

As with too many of the other items on this list price keeps this one on the bucket list. The tour  over $200 plus park admission.  It also would take three hours out of my day.

# 4 Work at Disney World

What Disney lover would not love to work at Disney World? Well I suppose there are some people out there who love the Magic Kingdom but do not want to work in it. I am not one of them!

I would take about any job but there are three that I would really love.

The first is really a combination of jobs. Either one would be great. I would love to be a tour guide on one of the Africa VIP tours, Backstage Safari or Wild Africa Trek (and if I worked the Wild Africa Trek I could know two items off the list at once.) Getting to not only see and work with the animals but help educate guests would be great.

The second is one I am better qualified for. I would like to manage a Disney World restaurant. I actually have the back ground and qualifications for this one. However, I would like the freedom to revamp the restaurant. There are changes to systems that I think could greatly improve a lot of the Disney dining establishments. Not that Disney would give me that kind of control.

But my dream job is one that probably does not exist. I call it the Disney Dream Maker. I would just wander around the park and help make dreams come true. It might be giving a souvenir plush to a child that is crying. It might be getting someone a better spot at the parade. I would just want freedom to make someone’s dream a little better. I would especially enjoy helping those who are obviously not able to take advantage of of some of the fun (a politically correct way of saying to poor to afford it. At least I hope it’s politically correct.) or those children with special needs.

Disney if your listening I’m available for the right price.

# 3 Star Wars Weekends

On select weekends in May and June a large portion of the Hollywood Studios is exposed to a great disturbance in the force. This disturbance is known as Star Wars Weekends.

During Star Wars weekends you expect a lot of extras. There will be special parades, special shows, special souvenirs and even special fireworks accompanied by the great Star Wars sound track.

There will also be special guests. This year Mark Hamill, better known as Luke Skywalker, was among them.

What can I say I am a geek. I admitted that already didn’t I?

# 2 Be In A Disney Parade

Have you ever noticed those non-costumed people in parades. You know the ones I am talking about. The ones who look just like your average vacationers.

There is a reason they do not look much different from you or I when we are in the park. They are not. They are just randomly selected guests. If you are at the right spot at the right time you might get to be in the parade. But not before me. I hope. Honestly I don’t think the odds are very good for either of us.

# 1 Cinderella Suite

If I thought the odds for getting to be in a parade were bad the odds for this one are even worse. I want to spend the night in the Cinderella Suite.

There was a time when guests could be randomly selected for a night’s stay in the Cinderella Suite. There was also a sweepstakes with a chance to win. I am not sure if there is any way (legal way at least) to get in there now though.

The suite is right where you would expect it to be. It is in Cinderella’s castle. Though it is decorated like a room Cinderella might have found in Prince Charming’s castle it has all the modern amenities.

Honorable Mention: Be an extra in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

This one has better odds than some, unless the rumors are true and Indiana Jones is closing in 2014. All I have to do is be loud and get the attention of the director. Then I get to be on stage and in costume as part of the show!

And I am uniquely qualified for this one. I am from Indiana and my last name is Jones! That’t enough isn’t it? If it isn’t shouldn’t it be?

Well there you have it, my top ten Walt Disney World Bucket List. What is on yours?

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18 thoughts on “Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List”

  1. I wouldn’t want you not to go. You know how everyone has different experiences at a restaurant especially Disney’s. I just wouldn’t have high expectations by having it on your bucket list. Now V & A’s, that’s on my lifetime bucket list.

  2. Lets open up the Disney bucket list to world wide properties.
    3.) Ratatouille at Disney Paris
    2.) Mystic Manor at Disney Hong Kong
    1.) Club 33 at Disneyland California.

    1. Thats the way to dream big Jim! If we go big I would include visiting all Disney World parks worldwide. Membership in Club 33 would be great too 🙂

  3. Agree with Gary – skip Fulton’s. I had it suggested it to me and we were so underwhelmed. The food was meh and the service was fine, but nothing to write home about. Kinda bummed we “wasted” our “nice” dinner of the trip there.

  4. I think theres only 2 things id like to do that I haven’t. You mentioned one, sleeping in the Castle, and the other is the Petty Driving Experience. The only reason I haven’t done the Petty D.E., is I don’t think I can fit in the window….lol

  5. I would add staying at the Contemporary Resort on my personal bucket list. I have always been fascinated with this resort since I was a child. I like the atmosphere and just the makeup of what I have seen. Unfortunately, the price has always kept us away from staying there. Someday, maybe…

  6. I’m with you on Poly. We’re doing a land and sea in 2017. We’re going to do 4 days at Disney, then an 8 day cruise and then one day at Disney again before we head home. I’m thinking of doing that last night at the Polynesian. I also want to stay in the Castle. And I would love to do the 24 hour event and/or Star Wars weekends but we’re not fans of heat or crowds and they both seem to have both of those going for them. 🙂 BTW-aren’t you a travel agent? I’ve emailed 2 different agencies, weeks ago, for help with planning this trip (just need a mock trip for now…just to get a general idea how much I need to save) and no one has gotten back to me. I can easily do it myself but thought someone would like to make the commission off of it…guess not. Anyway, we’re Disney World veterans but this will be our first cruise and I have tons of questions. Thanks. 😉

    1. Would love to book the Cinderella suite but afraid of what the price would be lol 🙂

      With you on the heat too. We have been making our trips in late winter or late fall. Lower crowd levels and heat! Actually February was almost too cold once.

      And yes I am a travel agent and would love the opportunity to mock up the trip for you. At this point that is all anyone can do anyway because Disney has obviously not released prices that are out. Shoot me an email at and I promise to get back with you! (Oh and I’m a little jealous lol 🙂 )

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