Top Five Disney World Snacks

Top Five Disney World Snacks

Grumpy has picked his top five¬†Disney World snacks. Disney fans are passionate about their favorites whether you are talking about rides, shows, parks or even snacks. So this list might generate a little controversy. Just keep in mind these are Grumpy’s favorites and you can agree or disagree. In fact Grumpy encourages you to tell him why he is right (or wrong) in the comments section.

In the interest of fairness you should know Grumpy likes his adventures on rides and not the table. So some of the more exotic choices available (like sushi) will not make the list because Grumpy is afraid to try them.

Top Five Disney World Snacks

Popcorn: Grumpy is a fan of popcorn anywhere but there is something extra special about the popcorn at Disney World. You can buy it by the box or you can buy it in a souvenir container. There is no wrong way to buy it. There is also no shortage of places to buy it. It is available all over the parks.

Funnel Cake: While Disney World is certainly not the only place you get a funnel cake but there is something about deep fried batter that just ¬†makes Grumpy happy. You can have yours sprinkled with powdered sugar (Grumpy’s choice) or drizzled in fruit.¬†Funnel cakes are not as easy to find as popcorn. Funnel cakes can be found in the Magic Kingdom¬†(Sleepy Hollow),¬†Epcot (the snack stand outside of the American Adventure) and Hollywood Studios (the Oasis Canteen.) You can also get your fill of fried dough at Disney’s Boardwalk.

Cinnamon Roll: The cinnamon roll from the Main Street Bakery had a huge fan base…until Starbucks took over and kicked the roll to the curb. Fortunately Gaston picked up the much beloved and now homeless Cinnamon roll for Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland. The rolls have a hint of maple and are served warm. Grumpy found this treat when he was out and about by himself. He brought Mrs Grumpy and Jr back because they would love to share one with Grumpy right? Well they did love it but sharing was another story.

Le Fou’s Brew: Working your way down Grumpy’s list trying snacks? Well you don’t have to go far for this next one. It is also found at Gaston’s Tavern. ¬†Couple of quick points about Le Fou’s Brew. First it is non-alcoholic. Second it is a drink and therefore some people say it is not a snack. You have a great point but it is available for purchase as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan and it is not like it’s just a bottle of water (which is also available as a snack credit but isn’t a wise use for one.)

Now down to what it is. Le Fou’s Brew is frozen apple juice with a hint of marshmallow. It is topped with a passion fruit-mango foam. Honestly Grumpy thought this one sounded terrible but he plucked up the courage to give it a try. Guess what? It’s great. It might even be competition for (waits for the screams of no) Grumpy’s number one choice…

Dole Whip: What can Grumpy say that hasn’t been said already? Not much. This treat is true fan favorite. Don’t believe Grumpy? Get in line at Aloha Isle (the only location in any of the parks that sells them although they are also available at the Polynesian Resort) and prepare to wait. Then wait. And finally wait some more. Okay the line does move fast but it seems like forever when you need your Dole Whip fix!

Dole Whips start with soft-serve ice cream. There are three flavors to choose from: pineapple, vanilla and orange. You can also get a swirl. Purists will tell you that pineapple is the way to go. Grumpy agrees.¬†Once you have selected your ice cream flavor the question becomes to float or not to float? Grumpy likes to float. So what he ends up with is pineapple soft-serve floating in pineapple juice. It’s great. If you haven’t tried it you simply must!

Honorable Mention: If you are a fan of Starbucks and also using the Disney Dining Plan stop in and get a Frappuccino or Espresso. The Venti is only one snack credit and one of the best values you can get.

What are your thoughts? Be sure to leave Grumpy a comment with your choices and don’t forget to to share with your friends.

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