Too Young For Disney

What is too young for Disney? Opinions vary. Some people say wait till their older. Some people take their children as infants. Of course the answer that might be right for one family could be wrong for yours. Therefore there are no hard, fast rules but Grumpy has some things for you to consider…

Too Young For Disney?

Planning a Disney trip but worried your children might be too young? That’s a good question. There is another important question. How you answer it might affect how you decide if your children are too young for Disney.

How often are you going to go to Disney?

If you are going to go to Disney on a regular basis you might answer the question about your children being too young for Disney differently than if you are planning a once in a life-time trip.

If this is a once in a life-time trip you want your children to be able to enjoy everything they can. You do not want their memories of the Magic Kingdom to be standing at the height requirement sign and not measuring up.

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If it is a once in a life-time trip you want your children to remember it. Obviously infants are not going to remember much of the trip. Even small children might not remember it. Of course there are ways to help toddlers and preschoolers remember Disney. Hint: lots of photos and videos! You can also talk to your children about the trip to keep it alive in their memory.

If, however, you are just taking the first of what might be multiple trips it is not as important if they get turned away at Space Mountain. Your child can always catch it next time. Tell your little pirate or princess that they will ride it on the next trip. Now you have given them something to look forward to!

Small Children at Disney

Even if you are planning multiple trips to Disney you might be wondering if it is worth it to spend all that money to take a toddler to Disney. Sure there will be things they cannot do but there is one thing they can do that your teenagers never will be able to to do.  Your toddlers will believe!

When a teenager sees Mickey Mouse they see someone in a costume. Not only will many of them not be impressed some of them will be too “cool” to even get a picture with the big cheese. Your little ones, however, will believe they are meeting THE Mickey Mouse, Ana or Elsa.

Attractions that teenagers might not enjoy become a magical experience to little ones. Grumpy’s niece was trying to catch Donald as he was flying off the screen at Mickey’s Philharmagic. Grumpy Jr really thought daddy was taking him to see singing bears at the Country Bear Jamboree.

Teenagers and toddlers do sometimes share one thing in common. They will both scream on coasters (of course the little ones will be on the Barnstormer) but it sounds so different coming out of those little, smiling faces.

So before you decide to wait for your little ones to grow up consider what they might be missing if you do not take them while they are young.

Of course not everyone agrees with Grumpy. That’s okay make the decision that is best for your family but Grumpy would not trade the memories of absolute joy on a little child’s face for anything.

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