Tinkerbell Gifts

A Disney vacation is a magical experience all by itself. But some people like to squeeze a little more magic into it. Other families like to give their young ones an incentive to be on their best behavior.  One trick some parents use to do this is Tinkerbell Gifts.

What Is a Tinkerbell Gift

The concept is pretty simple. Think of the way Santa fills stockings and leaves presents under the tree at Christmas time and you have the right idea. Of course this time it is everyone’s favorite pixie and not a bearded elf leaving the gifts.

If you don’t have a little princess you can use the idea with any of your child’s favorite Disney characters. Mickey is another big favorite.

Tinkerbell Gifts
Photo courtesy of Disney Photo Snapper. Look for more great photos at https://www.facebook.com/DisneyPhotoSnapper

There are two common approaches to leaving your little ones a Tinkerbell gift. Some parents leave them while their child is asleep. Others try to leave them so the child finds them when they get back from the park.

Leaving them for your child to find after returning from the park is a little harder than leaving them while they are asleep but it can be done. Have one parent take the children towards the bus while the other strategically places the gift. There is an advantage to this method. Sometimes Mousekeeping (Disney’s wonderful house keeping department) will incorporate your gift into the magic they work with towels in your room.

Of course it will cost a bunch of money to buy souvenirs at Disney to leave as Tinkerbell gifts.  Grumpy does not recommend that. He is all about saving money! But inexpensive gifts can be packed and brought from home. If you are feeling especially creative you can even leave notes from Tink.  It’s less about the cost of the gift and more about the fact that Tink or Mickey brought them a gift!

Tinkerbell Gifts
Grumpy Jr came back to find his two favorite characters taking a swing thanks to Mousekeeping.

Have you ever left Tinkerbell gifts or have other creative ways to pump up the magic? If so let Grumpy know what you did in the comments!

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