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Three Reasons You Will Love Disney Memory Maker

Memory Maker? Do you even know what it is? If not you could be missing out on something that will keep memories of  your Walt Disney vacation alive for a lifetime.

Sounds good right? Of course it does. But like somethings (okay almost everything at Walt Disney World) it comes with a price.

There is some good news though! In an almost never seen or heard of move Walt Disney World actually lowered the price of the Memory Maker package. Yes, they lowered a price. Plus they have added an option to purchase it for only one day!

Memory Maker is still not free though. There are three big reasons you might want to go ahead and shell out the money for it though. But before we get to those reasons let’s figure out exactly what it is.

Memory Maker

Memory Maker, quite simply, is an online storage system for photos that Disney takes for you while you are at Walt Disney World. Part of the magic of a Disney trip are the memories you make with your family. Disney wants you to remember those memories so they have photographers (called Photopass Photographers) located in strategic areas in the parks. Those areas include in front of park icons (like Cinderella’s Castle and the Tree of Life), at character meet-and-greets, and select dining experiences. There is another special place Disney will take your picture but there are not any photographers there. Which leads us to the first reason  you need to buy the Memory Maker with your Disney vacation.

Number 1 Ride Pictures And More

What’s better than a chance to see yourself with that look of fear on your face as you plummet 13 stories on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Or maybe your open mouth as you take the plunge on Splash Mountain?

Okay maybe these are not always the most flattering pictures but they are certainly memorable. They also double as a way to prove you were brave enough to take the plunge. The Memory Maker Package includes all these on-ride photos.

Select rides, like the aforementioned Tower of Terror take it a step further and offer videos for you to download. Take a look:

Number 2 Magic Shots

Everyone has family vacation photos. Here’s a picture of everyone at the beach. Here’s a picture of everyone at the Grand Canyon. On an on it goes.

But how many of you have a picture of yourself holding Tinkerbell? Or maybe one of Stitch bursting out of the road you are standing on?

One of the perks of Memory Maker package is that the Photopass photographers can add some magic to your photos. If the photographer asks you do something strange. Don’t worry. Nine times out of ten he or she is setting you up for a Magic Shot. (The tenth time you are on your own!)

He or she might ask you to cup your hands like you are holding something. Or to hold your arms like you are cradling something.  What they are doing is posing you so one of the Disney animated characters can be pasted into your photo.

Memory Maker Magic Shot

Some photos can even be taken a step further. Animation can be added to them like the example below.

Number 3 Everyone Can Be In The Picture

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, everyone can be in the picture. We all have been there. The family is all together. There is a great backdrop for a photo. But who is going to take it?

At Walt Disney World you can let the Disney Photopass Photographer do it. If you have the Memory Maker Package it will be automatically uploaded and you can download it later. Best of all, everyone is in the photo!

Want to know more? Visit the Memory Maker FAQ page on the official Walt Disney World Page. Or this excellent page from WDW Prep School.


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