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Why Did Talking Mickey Mouse Go Away

Why did talking Mickey Mouse go away? Did you even know there was a talking Mickey? (If not then you need to check out this page.) No, not the one in the stage shows. There was a meet and greet in the Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse and he talked to you! His mouth moved and his eyes blinked but now he is no more. So what happened? Continue reading Why Did Talking Mickey Mouse Go Away

Talking Mickey Mouse

Talking Mickey Mouse?

Sadly Mickey no longer talks. I am leaving this page up for the sake of history. If you want to know what happened to talking Mickey Mouse click here.

Did you know there is a talking Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World? Of course you do. He’s in lots of the shows. Unfortunately if you get in line to meet him he suddenly clams up and does not say a word. Or he did. If you know the right place to go you will find Mickey has found his voice and will talk!

Face Characters Vs. Fur Characters

Meeting characters is part of the Disney World experience. In fact it is a very popular part of the visit to Disney World for children and even some adults.  The performers who bring the magic Continue reading Talking Mickey Mouse