Star Wars Land At Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios?

Ever since the announcement that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 people have been asking, guessing and dreaming  about Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios. Rumors have ranged from there will be a new Star Wars attraction to there will be an entirely new theme parks. The most accepted rumor has been that it will be more than a single attraction and less than a a new park.  That means a new land similar to Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure.

Star Wars Land At Hollywood Studios

Star Was Land at Hollywood Studios
Is this crate going to carry Star Wars land to Hollywood Studios?

The rumors that something was coming got a little more credible last year at 2013 D23 Expo. There were lots of crates around that were addressed to Disney Imagineering and tagged as belonging to the “Orange Harvest Project.”  Besides the obvious use of a type face that invoked Star Wars crates were said to contain things like thermal detonators and bantha milk (which must be kept refrigerated if you were wondering.) One even had some blue prints sticking out that clearly had the word Jedi on them.  To learn more about “Orange Harvest” check out the video below from

Today the rumor mill kicked into high gear again when following information was posted by Variety:

The first plans to add more attractions based on the sci-fi franchise will be revealed next year, Iger said during a conference call with analysts to discuss Disney’s record third quarter results.

For those who do not know, the Iger mentioned is supposed to be Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

All of this comes on top of information recently shared by Jim Hill of (one of the best sources in the world for Disney rumors that actually stand a chance of coming true).  On the July 1st Episode of Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish podcast he repeated some of the plans that Disney has been working on but has not made public yet. Click here for the podcast.

So while Iger does not confirm what Jim Hill and others have been telling us he does bring us a step closer to finding out one way or the other?

Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios
George Lucas with some Disney favorites and R2D2.

I will be the first to admit that I have no inside knowledge but I think it is coming to Walt Disney World. Disney spent 4 BILLION dollars to buy Lucasfilm. Disney loves to leverage its popular franchises to bring people into the parks. Doubt me? What about the Frozen Meet and Greet, The Frozen after hours party at Hollywood Studios, the Frozen parade, the Frozen Ice Rink…do I have to go on? Star Wars has a huge fan base. Some might say the Star Wars nerds are even more numerous than the Potterheads making their way to Universal.

Hollywood Studios seems like the perfect place for some expansion love. Both Hollywood and Animal Kingdom have become half day parks for a lot of people. Animal Kingdom already has a huge expansion on the way with Avatarland. Now it’s time for the Studios to get some major love. (For more of my thoughts on Hollywood Studios check out my article on the Most Overrated Disney Experiences.)

Of course till Disney makes an official announcement it’s all just speculation. Even after the announcement nothing is certain but I certainly hope the force is with us on this one.

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios”

  1. I don’t. Hollywood Studios was always one of my favorite parks. I’m not a big Star Wars fan. If Star Wars is taking over Hollywood Studios, I’m sure I will just bypass this Park when visiting Disney World. Seems like a waste of money when most will feature something I’m not interested in seeing.

    1. Grumpy knows how you feel. Feel the same way about Pandora/Avatarland at the Animal Kingdom. However, Grumpy is going to give it a try. Would encourage you to do the same if Star Wars comes to Hollywood Studios.

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