Saving Money at Disney World

Saving Money At Disney With Discount Tickets

Saving Money At Disney With Discount Tickets

Saving money at Disney is not easy but it can be done.  There are three main expenses to the trip. Food, tickets and hotels. This post focuses on tickets.

(For Grumpy’s ideas on saving money on food check out this post.)

The bad news is there is not much else you can about ticket prices. Disney sets them and you pay them. If you are looking for a site that sells half-price tickets (and isn’t a scam) this is not it. Grumpy is looking for that site too. 

Discount Tickets

There are some ticket discounters out there but Grumpy hesitates to recommend something he hasn’t tried personally. That said Undercover Tourist is well regarded online.

If you go to Undercover Tourist there are a few things you should know.

When you first look it’s kind of startling because they are more expensive than what Disney lists on it’s website. Disney is not including the taxes though. Undercover Tourist is.

To get the best savings at Undercover Tourist you have to purchase the options. When you start adding all the options on to your ticket they advertise a savings of up to $28 per ticket.  For a party of four that is a substantial savings. Before you purchase that kind of ticket you need to ask yourself do I need all those options? If you have to spend $300+ on options you do not want or cannot use you are not saving money.  offers a sweet-heart rate for at Undercover Tourist. You have to sign up for their newsletter and specials. Grumpy doesn’t know what that rate is. It’s super secret.

Saving Money At DisneyOther Sources

Undercover Tourist is not the only source for discount Tickets out there.

Avoiding Scams

One thing to be careful of is ticket scammers. There are some out there. For sure avoid Ebay when looking for Disney tickets. Many of the tickets sold on Ebay are actually fakes or have been used. If you show up at Walt Disney World with a fake or used ticket you are not going to have a magical day.

For more money saving tips check out Grumpy’s Page on Saving Money.

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Saving Money At Disney

11 thoughts on “Saving Money At Disney With Discount Tickets”

  1. We are going for the first time in a few months and it shocks me how expensive tickets are. It will be a great trip, but for a family of 5 for 3 days holy smokes!

  2. Hi!

    Me and my family are going to Orlando next december.

    We are from Argentina and we dont have very much time or $ to spend

    So we want to ask you if you can help us to find where we can buy discontinue shirts or merchandise from Disney and Universal in Orlando.

    We are going to buy in Wall Mart and in Orlando Premium Outlet Mall in International Drive.

    We apreciate if you can give us some tips to buy that original merchandise (like shirts from 2012 or 2013, etc.) with low prices.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Hernan! Give me a bit of time to look around want to get you a good answer for that question. Will this be the first trip for you and your family?

      1. Glad to read you again!

        Nope, this will be my 4th trip to WDW.

        Its my place in the earth.

        We (Argentinian prople) have sveral troubles to travel to any part in the world.

        Internal taxes for credit card used out of Argentina are 35%. You can find official exchange US Dollars US$1 = $8.56 Pesos + 20% taxes but you can buy US Dollars in black market US$1 = $14 Pesos

        We have black market because not all the people are able to buy US Dollars

        But you can pay your credit card bill with official exchange.

        Fly taxes are more expensive than the fly ticket it self. (no joke)

        Even with taxes, the same reebok snikers in US are US$40 but in Argentina are US$80 or more.

        So, its very very convenient to buy there, even keeping in mind our credit card taxes.

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