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Saving Money At Disney-Park Hopping

Do You Really NEED Park Hopper

Some people love to park hop. Park hopping is starting the day in one park and then moving to another before the day is over. Some people even try to hit all four parks in one day! Of course you have to pay for the privilege to park hop. In this article Grumpy examines whether it is worth it or not. Skipping the Park Hopper option might even let you squeeze another day into your vacation!

Park hopping requires a Park Hopper option for your ticket. The Park Hopper option allows you entrance to all four theme parks on any given day.

If everyone in your party is over nine it will cost you between $35-60 per ticket (not per day) to park hop. The price is slightly lower for children between three and nine. Children under two get free admission to Disney parks.

Why would any want to park hop? Well some people, and Grumpy is not going to argue with them, think certain parks are half day parks. These parks just do not have enough to do to justify spending a whole day in them.

These people like to start the day at one of the “half day” parks and then finish it at another park.  There is nothing wrong with that but it will cost you up to $60 per day per person to do that if you have a family of four.

Since the theme is saving money at Disney you can probably tell where this is headed right? Keep reading you might just agree with Grumpy’s logic.

How Much Will That Garden Grill Dinner Cost You?

Some people want to start the day in one park and eat in another.  Let’s say you start the day at Magic Kingdom but want to eat dinner at the Garden Grill. If you add the Park Hopper option to your ticket just to eat at Garden Grill and you have a family of four you probably just dropped $240 dollars to eat at Garden Grill. That does not include the cost of the meal which for a family of four will probably set you back another $140 plus a tip.

How badly do you want to eat at Garden Grill? Maybe you do not need the Park Hopper. Maybe what you need is better planning.  Are you planning on spending a whole day at Epcot? Eat at the Garden Grill that day and find something else at the Magic Kingdom to eat instead. Do not buy the Park Hopper just for that one (or any other single) day.

What if you plan on park hopping more than once? The more you intend to park hop the more sense it makes. If you are spending six days in the  parks and you park hop every day it only cost you $10 per day per person to park hop. That is a lot better than paying $60 per person to hop once. Still with the right planning maybe you can eliminate the need to park hop. And get that extra day’s vacation Grumpy mentioned! Keep reading it’s coming.

Time Is Money

Something else to consider before you make your decision to add the Park Hopper option to your ticket. First the Park Hopper option costs you more than just money. It takes time to travel from park to park.  Time is money! You have spent a lot of money to get to Disney World do you really want to spend that time transferring from park to park? It could take hours out of your day.

Skip Park Hopper and Get Another Days Vacation!

One last thing to consider is what could you do with the money Grumpy just advised you not to spend on park hopping. Remember,  a family of four could pay up to $240 to add the park hopper option. Remember when Grumpy went over the advantages of adding days to your ticket? (If you missed it click here.) Here is where  that comes back into play.

On average if you are have four or more days on your ticket you can spend $40 to add another day to your tickets and have $200 to spend on a room.  In other words if you have the cash to spend on the Park Hopper consider skipping it and get an extra day at Disney instead!

Each family has to make their own decision, of course. But Grumpy will take another day at Disney over the privilege of park hopping.

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Saving Money at Walt Disney World Park Hopper Options
Will you use the Park Hopper enough to get your money’s worth out of it? Or would you rather add another day to your vacation?

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Saving Money at Disney, Save Money at Disney
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One thought on “Saving Money At Disney-Park Hopping”

  1. This is great advice. Personally, I am a big fan of the park hopper. It allows you to retool your day if one park is getting busy, you just leave and go to another. During a less busy time period I was able to easily visit three parks in one day. This was unplanned, and I am glad I had the flexibility. That said, if you’re on a tight budget I 100% agree with you. You can have a great trip with some planning and staying in one park. Right now with the closures I think it is increasingly difficult for first time visitors to determine if a park hopper is for them. This is a huge help.

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