Get A Mickey Mouse Bedtime Message

How would your child like a Mickey Mouse bedtime message? Well he or she can get one for a limited time! The  Disney Store is promoting it’s new Sleep Shop by offering your child the chance to be tucked in by the world’s most famous mouse or one of his friends! Continue reading Get A Mickey Mouse Bedtime Message

Why Did Talking Mickey Mouse Go Away

Why did talking Mickey Mouse go away? Did you even know there was a talking Mickey? (If not then you need to check out this page.) No, not the one in the stage shows. There was a meet and greet in the Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse and he talked to you! His mouth moved and his eyes blinked but now he is no more. So what happened? Continue reading Why Did Talking Mickey Mouse Go Away

Family Style Dining at Pizzafari

Hungry guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will soon have a new option, family style dining at Pizzafari. The new option will be available July 31, 2018.

Pizzafari is located on Discovey Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is one of the more popular quick service options in the Animal Kingdom.

Family Style Dining at Pizzafari

When family style dining at Pizzafari opens up guests will have two options. They can indulge in the family style offering or order just normal quick service. Two dining rooms will be set aside for people ordering family style. Continue reading Family Style Dining at Pizzafari

Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World

Have you tried using Mobile Ordering at Disney yet? If you are like me you love visiting Walt Disney World but you hate waiting in the lines! Fastpasses helped with that but we were still left waiting in line to order and receive our food. Well Disney has come up with a way to help get us out of the line and back to enjoying vacation, Mobile Ordering. But how do you use Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World? Let’s take a look. Continue reading Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World

Disney Permanently Cancels Night of Joy

[amazon_link asins=’1628090677,B004LI4E3G,B074NLJSBS,B00IS389DQ,B077GCTL7P’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’grumpymickey-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’700d933d-5f6a-11e8-9856-a50225605853′]In a move that had been rumored for some time Disney announced this week they were permanently cancelling the contemporary Christian music festival, Night of Joy. Reaction to the cancellation varied and speculation about the cause has led some to conspiracy theories.

Let’s take a look at what Night of Joy was and why Disney may have cancelled it. Continue reading Disney Permanently Cancels Night of Joy

What Are Disney Extra Magic Hours

Walt Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world. The average daily attendance at just the Magic Kingdom is over 50,000 people. That means crowds. People do not like crowds so Disney has some special programs like Extra Magic Hours.

What are Extra Magic Hours?

Extra Magic Hours are special times that only select guests can enter the park. Sometimes they are offered in the morning and sometimes in the evening.  If they are offered in the morning it is generally one hour before the park opens to all guests. If it is evening hours the park is normally open two hours after the park closes. Continue reading What Are Disney Extra Magic Hours

Disney After Hours Summer 2018

Walt Disney World is a great place to go (I know big surprise you would find that opinion here) but that does not mean everything is great. One thing that is not great is sharing the parks with up to 50,000 other people. Disney knows this and Disney also knows some people will pay for the privilege of having lower crowds.  That is why they offer Disney After Hours. This year the event will be returning the Magic Kingdom on select nights from June through September.

What is Disney After Hours?

Disney After Hours is a hard ticket event. That means your standard Disney admission ticket will not get you into the event. You must purchase a special ticket for the event and Disney limits the number of tickets available. Unlike normal theme park tickets the tickets for this event are date specific and are normally non-refundable. Continue reading Disney After Hours Summer 2018

Minnie Van Service Extended To All Resorts

Some people do not realize it but Walt Disney World is as big as San Francisco (40 square miles.) With tens of thousand of people visiting the parks every day Disney needs lots of transportation. They have buses, boats, monorails and a Minnie Van. Most people know about the first three but some have never heard of the Minnie Van.

What is a Minnie Van?

First of all this is not (exactly) the van your mom hauled you to soccer practice in.  They are a private alternative to the mass transportation Disney offers. The vans themselves are a six passenger Chevy Traverse. Each vehicle is painted red with with polka-dots. Continue reading Minnie Van Service Extended To All Resorts

New Monorails Coming To Disney?

Are New Monorails Coming?

Fans of the Mouse have been clamoring for new monorails for some time.  Rumors have come and gone that a new fleet was on the way but no new monorails have arrived. This week the rumor mill was kicked into high gear when it was confirmed by Disney legend Bob Gurr (who worked on the original designs for both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World monorails.)

“There is a contract… contracts are underway. You will see (new monorails). If everything works right, it will be the same company, Bombardier.”

Bob Gurr

Continue reading New Monorails Coming To Disney?

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