Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style

Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style

After careful research (meaning I just completely made it all up) I have come to the scientific conclusion there are seven stages of Disney planning.  Each stage can be characterized by one of the seven dwarfs from Disney’s classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For that reason I call my approach the Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style.

Do your own research (read the post) and see if you do not agree. Let me know in the comments. Continue reading Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style

Talking Mickey Mouse

Talking Mickey Mouse?

Sadly Mickey no longer talks. I am leaving this page up for the sake of history. If you want to know what happened to talking Mickey Mouse click here.

Did you know there is a talking Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World? Of course you do. He’s in lots of the shows. Unfortunately if you get in line to meet him he suddenly clams up and does not say a word. Or he did. If you know the right place to go you will find Mickey has found his voice and will talk!

Face Characters Vs. Fur Characters

Meeting characters is part of the Disney World experience. In fact it is a very popular part of the visit to Disney World for children and even some adults.  The performers who bring the magic Continue reading Talking Mickey Mouse

Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios?

Ever since the announcement that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 people have been asking, guessing and dreaming  about Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios. Rumors have ranged from there will be a new Star Wars attraction to there will be an entirely new theme parks. The most accepted rumor has been that it will be more than a single attraction and less than a a new park.  That means a new land similar to Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure. Continue reading Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios

Cinderella Castle Gallery

Cinderella Castle Gallery

There is just something about Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  There are no fancy rides or shows. There is salon and and a restaurant but most people do not take advantage of those. Still everyone is drawn to the Castle…just to see it.

Well I cannot take you to the Magic Kingdom but I can share some great photos of Cinderella’s Castle. These great shots were taken by the Disney Photo Snapper. Be sure to stop by his Facebook page and see some more great shots.

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Top Ten Overrated Disney Experiences

Top Ten Disney Overrated Disney Experiences

Some of you are probably thinking something has gone wrong with Grumpy. Has he finally gone off the deep end? After all who could think something is wrong with anything at Walt Disney World. Everything there is perfect right? Well not so much. Even Disney fails from time to time. This Top Ten Disney Overrated Disney Experiences.

I am not saying all of them are terrible. Some of them are and some are not. Some of them just fail to live up to their potential. Others are great but not as great as people make them out to be. They are, well as the title suggests, overrated. Continue reading Top Ten Overrated Disney Experiences

Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List

Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List

Unless you live under a bucket you probably know what a bucket list is. It is a list of things a person wants to do before they die. This is my Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List.

So what makes this different from a top ten Disney list? The primary difference is that I am not likely to do all of these things. In fact I would not say it is likely that I will do any of them. Some of them are too expensive. Others require too much luck. As you read through the list you will see both why I want to do it and what is standing in the way. Continue reading Top Ten Walt Disney World Bucket List

Top Ten Magic Kingdom Attractions

Top Ten Magic Kingdom Attractions

Unless you are incredibly blessed you are probably like me and cannot go to Disney World as often as you like. Maybe the similarities do not end there and you like to think about, plan (and maybe even obsess about) what you could be doing if you were at Walt Disney World. This my list of Top Ten Magic Kingdom Attractions, the ten things I would definitely try to do if I were at the Magic Kingdom today. Continue reading Top Ten Magic Kingdom Attractions

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