New Star Wars Trailer for the Force Awakens

New Star Wars Trailer

New Star Wars Trailer

Disney just released a New Star Wars Trailer! While some Disney purists might insist that the Star Wars universe is not part of the Disney universe Bob Iger would disagree. Four billion dollars does give you a sense of some ownership!

Iger has also teased those of us who are both Disney and Star Wars fans with hints about an expanded Star Wars presence in the Disney Parks. Hopefully we will learn something more concrete at this years D23 Celebration.

Of course its not just die-hard Disney fans who are rejecting Star Wars. Die-hard Star Wars fans are not exactly excited that Disney now owns there beloved franchise.New Star Wars Trailer for the Force Awakens

Grumpy, on the other hand, has no problem with Disney owning Star Wars. After all, most of the classic Disney films we all love are not original to Disney. They are based on earlier works that Walt gave the Disney touch.

And personally, Grumpy was not fond of the direction George Lucas took a lot of the Star Wars story. The prequels, though good movies, left a lot to be desired. (Can you say Jar Jar Binks?)

Then you add J. J. Abrams into the mix! He did a fantastic job with the Star Trek reboot and Grumpy is hoping he will do great things with the new Star Wars movie.

The trailer (oh yes Grumpy almost forgot he lured you into this article with the promise of a New Star Wars trailer) is intriguing! Watch and see what you think. Personally it has Grumpy counting down the days till they finally release Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

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