Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World

Have you tried using Mobile Ordering at Disney yet? If you are like me you love visiting Walt Disney World but you hate waiting in the lines! Fastpasses helped with that but we were still left waiting in line to order and receive our food. Well Disney has come up with a way to help get us out of the line and back to enjoying vacation, Mobile Ordering. But how do you use Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World? Let’s take a look.

Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World

Mobile Ordering is really quite a simple concept. When you get hungry you select the restaurant you want to eat at, create your order and select purchase. Not all restaurants participate in the program. The image below shows you which ones do (updated 7/14/2018.)

Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World
Restaurants that participate in Disney World’s Mobile Ordering program

Before you can use Mobile Ordering

Before you can use the Mobile Ordering system you need to do a few things. First you need to have a My Disney Experience account. Second you need to have the My Disney Experience installed on your phone (it is available for both iPhone and Android.) If you have both of those all  you need to do is open the app and get started.

Please make sure the app is authorized to send you notifications! That is how Disney lets you know your food is ready.

You must prepay for your food. If you have a credit or debit card already on file in My Disney Experience you can use that or you can add a new card just for your food purchase. And yes you can pay for your food with the Disney Dining Plan!

This video shows you how to use the Disney Dining Plan with Mobile Ordering.

Purchase your food with Mobile Ordering

Ready to eat? Open the app. Hit order food and select the restaurant you want. The are listed by park (and also one each at Disney Springs and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.) Then click order food.

From there is is pretty straight forward. You can even customize some of the menu items. For example, I do not like cheese on my burger. Once you have selected our item scroll to the bottom and it says “Customize Your Selection”. There you can see what custom options you have available, like getting rid of that cheese on my burger!

When you have your item just the way you want it hit add and it goes into your cart. Then you can add items to your cart. After you get everything you want hit the “View Order Button” and you can make sure you did not forget anything.  If everything looks good select  your method of payment and hit “Purchase”.

Picking up your order

When you get to your restaurant of choice open the app again. Hit your character icon to let Disney know you are ready to eat and you will get a notification on the app that your food is ready. There will be a special line for Mobile Ordering pick up. Head to it, get your food and enjoy!

For official details on Mobile Food Ordering click here.



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