The Minnie Van At Walt Disney World

Minnie Van Service Extended To All Resorts

Some people do not realize it but Walt Disney World is as big as San Francisco (40 square miles.) With tens of thousand of people visiting the parks every day Disney needs lots of transportation. They have buses, boats, monorails and a Minnie Van. Most people know about the first three but some have never heard of the Minnie Van.

What is a Minnie Van?

First of all this is not (exactly) the van your mom hauled you to soccer practice in.  They are a private alternative to the mass transportation Disney offers. The vans themselves are a six passenger Chevy Traverse. Each vehicle is painted red with with polka-dots.

The system operates much like Uber or Lyft (and in fact uses the Lyft app.)

Where can I use a Minnie Van?

The official Disney website lists all Disney owned resorts with the exception of the Art Of Animation and all of the All-Star resorts. However, multiple sources claim the service now includes all Disney resorts. I will try to keep you updated when Disney updates their page.

Guests can take vans to anywhere on Disney property and also Orlando MCO airport.

How do I use a Minnie Van and how much does it cost?

This service uses the Lyft app so the first thing guests need to do is download, install and register the app. Next a cast member at the front desk of your hotel can activate the Minnie Van option.  Then you can use the app to request one of the Minnie Vans.

The cost for a ride between any two points on property is $25.  Payment is made through the app.

Limited service to Orlando MCO is currently offered. The cost is $150.

Tipping is optional. If you want to tip your driver do it through the app as they will not accept cash.

How many passengers do the Minnie Vans hold?

The Minnie Vans are Chevy Traverses. They hold six people unless you have a wheel chair or ECV.

Do the Minnie Vans have car seats?

Yes they do! Each van has two car seats so there is no need to bring your own. The driver will install them in either the forward or rearward facing position according to your need.

Can I take my wheel chair or ECV with Minnie Van?

Yes! But it is a special request that must be made and may result in a longer wait time as well as decreased passenger capacity.

What hours do the Minnie Vans run?

The program operates from 6:30 am to 12:30 am daily but hours are subject to change.

Should I use a Minnie Van?

Maybe? it depends on how much you value your time versus how much you value your money.

You can use free transportation to get anywhere on Disney property but you may have to make a transfer. You will also have to wait (sometimes a long time!) for the transportation.

One of the Minnie Vans will almost always get you there quicker and in more comfort but at a cost.

Some times I might recommend using the Minnie Van:

  • When you want to travel between two resorts. There is no direct route between most resorts (unless you are staying at a monorail resort when there might be.) Normally you have to travel to a park or Disney Springs and then transfer to another mode of transportation.
  • When you absolutely have to be somewhere on time. Do you have a dining reservation? Might be best to just hop in the van.
  • At the beginning or the end of the day. The two worst times of the day to use Disney mass transporation are the beginning and the end. Everyone is either trying to get to a park or back to a resort and long lines are almost inevitable. Skip the line and ride in style.

Have you ever used one of the Minnie Vans? What has your experience been? Let me know in the comments.

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