Lunch Reservations For Be Our Guest

Lunch Reservations For Be Our Guest

Did Grumpy really just say making lunch reservations for Be Our Guest? Why yes he did!

Be Our Guest was part of the New Fantasyland expansion. The building is a recreation of Beast’s castle from Disney’s 1991 animated movie Beauty And The Beast.

There were a two things that made Be Our Guest different from every other restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. One is that during the day it is a quick service meal but for dinner it is table service. The second is that during dinner you can get a little kick with your meal. Be Our Guest is the only place in the Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol.

People thought Be Our Guest would be popular even before it opened. Boy were they were right. Dinner reservations may be as hard to get as Cinderella’s Royal Table. At lunch people were lined up (in long lines!) before the restaurant was even open and the line did not go away until all the lunch seating had been filled.

There was nothing Disney could do about the dinner crowd. They were filling up every table.

To reduce the line for lunch they tried an experiment. They used a special Fastpass for Be Our Guest. It did not count against your attraction Fastpasses. You still got three of those. This worked well, if you got a Fastpass. But Fastpasses were hard to get. They were not offered to everyone. Successfully getting one involved wishing on a star or something like that. And if you did not get one they would not even let you stand in line.

They also implemented a system that let you order your food ahead of time. This sped things up a little but Disney was still not happy with the way things were so going.

So Disney is rolling out a brand new system.  This system will let you make a reservation at Be Our Guest for lunch. This is unique because it is the only counter service restaurant that offers this option.  The new reservation system should go live on February 25, 2015. You should still be able to order your meal ahead of time using My Disney Experience.

Be Our Guest Lunch Reservation

So if you have your heart set on Dining in Beast’s Castle, get your reservation request in early. It is still going to be a popular place to eat.



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