How To Use Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World

How to use Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World

Why do you need to know how to use Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World? Nobody wants to wait in line (at least no one I know!) This is especially true when you have spent a considerable amount of money taking your family to Walt Disney World.  You know this and Disney does too. First Disney introduced the Fastpass system and then Fastpass+. Now Disney has introduced Mobile Ordering. But what is mobile ordering and how does it work? Read on for a definition and step by step instructions on how to use it.

How to Use Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World

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What is Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World

Mobile ordering allows you to skip the lines at all of the most popular quick service and some snack locations (it is not available at table service restaurants.) You order your food ahead of time. Let Disney know when you are ready to pick it up and wait for a notification to let you know it is ready. Then you head to the special (much shorter line) and pick up your food.

Getting Ready Use Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World

Before you can use Mobile Ordering you need to do a few things. First you must have a My Disney Experience account and a payment method for your food. You can pay by attaching a credit card to your My Disney Experience account or you can use the Disney Dining Plan if you have credits. For instructions on setting up My Disney Experience click here.

You must also have the My Disney Experience app installed on your smart phone and other device. Make sure you are signed in before you try to order food.

This video can help you use mobile ordering and the Disney Dining Plan.

What Restaurants Participate in Mobile Ordering

Most quick service restaurants participate in this program. Some snack locations do too. The picture below lists those that do participate (as of 7/14/2018.)

How to use Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World
Restaurants that participate in Disney World’s Mobile Ordering program
Placing your order

When you start getting hungry just open the My Disney Experience app on your smart device. Click order food. The restaurants are sorted by park and Disney Springs. Select the one you want and click order food.

How To Use Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World

Then it is as easy as picking out what you want.  Some items (especially entrees) have options to customize your order. For example, at Woody’s Lunchbox you can have cheese left off your BBQ Brisket Melt, remove the sauce and pickles or add cheese sauce to your sandwich.  Just click the customize button and make that sandwich your own. When it is just the way you want it click the add button. (If you ordering two sandwiches but one of you wants cheese and the other does not just customize the first one, hit add and then start over with the second one.!)

How To Use Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World

When you have everything you want on your order click view my order. (Pro tip: If you do not want a beverage  you can still request a free cup of ice water when you pick up your meal.) 

How To Use Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World

Then review your order and make any changes that are necessary.

How To Use Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World 4

When everything is good hit purchase. Important note: Disney will not start preparing your food the minute you hit purchase. They start preparing it after you confirm you are at the restaurant. If you know what you want for dinner at breakfast time you can go ahead and order it. You will still get hot fresh food.

I am not saying you could place your order and then walk to the restaurant so it is ready when you get there but I am also not saying you cannot. Just saying.

How To Use Mobile Ordering At Walt Disney World 4

Picking up your order

When you get to your restaurant of choice open the app again. Hit your character icon to let Disney know you are ready to eat and you will get a notification on the app that your food is ready. There will be a special line for Mobile Ordering pick up. Head to it, get your food and enjoy!

Please note: you must have notifications active on your smart device to get your notification from Disney.

For official details on Mobile Food Ordering click here.

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