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How to Order and Customize Your Disney MagicBands

What are Disney MagicBands? What can you do with them? How do you use them? If you haven’t been to Walt Disney World in a while you may be wondering about these things. Don’t worry you have come to the right place. We will tell you all about MagicBands, how to order, customize and link your MagicBands.

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What are Disney MagicBands

My Magic Plus is a program Walt Disney World rolled out in 2013. It was designed to give guests more control and planning ability for their Disney Vacation by making it easier to make dining reservations and book Fastpasses.

My Disney Experience is how guests control the My Magic Plus program. Guests create an account (either on the computer or through a smart device with the app) and then can book all their dining reservations, Fastpasses and more. For more information on My Disney Experience click here. In short My Disney Experience is the vault that stores your plans.

If My Disney Experience is the Vault that you put all your plans into Magic Bands are the key to getting them out. A MagicBand contains an RF chip that is tied to your My Disney Experience account.

The first Magic Bands were just called MagicBands. There is now a MagicBand 2.  MagicBand 2 scans much easier to use and features a removable puck. This puck is what contains the RF chip.

How do I get a Disney MagicBand

There are two ways to get a MagicBand. Everyone one who books a Disney resort hotel room directly with Disney or through a travel agent gets one free. Even children under three get one! They even ship them directly to your home (unless you are to close to your check in date in which case you can pick them up at the resort but may not be able to customize them.)

If you are not staying at a Walt Disney World resort you can still get a Magic Band but they are not free. You can purchase them at Walt Disney World in many shopping locations or you can buy them online at the Disney Store.

Customizing my MagicBands

The free bands you get with your Disney resort vacation booking can be customized. It is a very limited customization though. You can choose from a list of colors and add a name to the back.

Want to really personalize your MagicBand? You can use stickers, paint and a lot of other things to really make it yours.

How do I link them to My Disney Experience

The Magic Bands that come with your Disney resort vacation booking are already linked! You are all set.

But if you purchased a Magi Band you do need to link it to your My Disney Experience account.  (If you want to know more about My Disney Experience or need help setting it up click here.)

Linking your Magi Band is pretty easy. First go to the official Walt Disney World page and log in if you need to.  Then mouse over where it says My Disney Experience and you will get a drop down menu. Next click on MagicBands and cards.

Linking Disney MagicBands

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link button.

Linking Disney Magic Bands 02

On the next page click the MagicBands button.

Linking Magic Bands 03

Enter your Disney MagicBand serial number.

Linking Disney MagicBands 04

Finally assign it to the correct person.  (You must assign it to someone in your travel party.)

What can I do with my Disney MagicBands

As I said the Magic Band is the key that unlocks My Disney Experience. That key tracks your plans and gives you access to them.

You can use your MagicBand to:

  • Get on Disney’s Magical Express
  • Open your resort hotel room
  • Get you into the parks
  • Access to the Fastpass line at select attractions (you must have a valid Fastpass). Click here for more information on Fastpasses.
  • Link Photopass Photos
  • Link ride photos
  • Charge purchases to your room (requires you to link a credit card to your My Disney Experience account. Click here to learn how.)
  • Pay for your food with the Disney Dining Plan
How do I use them

Disney Magic Bands are simple to use.  Sometimes a cast member needs to scan it and other times you will scan it yourself. If you need to scan it yourself it as simple as touching the Mickey on your band to the Mickey on the scanner as seen in the picture below. Some transactions (charging or using the Disney Dining Plan will require you to enter your PIN number.)

Using your Disney MagicBand

What if my Disney MagicBand is too big

MagicBands only come in one size but they are adjustable. There are two parts one of which is gray. This gray part is actually removable. If your MagicBand is too large remove this gray part. You may need a screwdriver to pry it off but it is not too hard.

Adjust your Disney MagicBand

What if I lose my Disney MagicBand

If you lose your MagicBand all is not lost. Remember, your band does not actually store any information. It is just the key to accessing your information.

Because neither your credit card information nor your room number are stored on the it it would be hard if not impossible for someone else to use it. In order to use it to make purchases someone would have to have your PIN number. If someone wanted to use it to get into your room they would have to know which room you were staying in.

So what should you do? Go to the nearest Guest Services, Fastpass Kiosk or hotel concierge desk and explain the situation to them. They can unlink the MagicBand from your account and let you know where you can get a replacement.

If you are still worried about losing your MagicBand there are some products to help prevent their loss. Check them out in the link below.

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MagicBands create special magic

Your Disney MagicBands may help create some special magic. Some rides are equipped to read your band. You may get a special message during the ride.

Can I reuse my MagicBand

Yes and no. A Disney MagicBand has a battery. As long as the battery still has a charge you can use it (some sources suggest the bands have a 2 year battery life.) You cannot replace the battery when it dies.

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