Grumpy Tip Know Your Ride

Grumpy Tip Know Your Ride

Grumpy Tip Know Your Ride

There are tons of helpful tips for visiting Disney World. Take this one from Grumpy and practice it. Before you get on a ride you should know something about the ride!

Not everyone enjoys the same thing. What one person loves might be something someone else hates. And the ride that someone else loves might also scare the bejeezus out of you!

Before standing in line for 45 minutes to ride something it is a good idea to know what are you are in line for. This is a rule Grumpy should have thought of before he took Grumpy Jr on  his first Disney World trip.

What Could Go Wrong On The Great Movie Ride

In 2013 Grumpy and family headed to Walt Disney World. Grumpy took a lot of time to get Grumpy Jr ready for Walt Disney World.  This was going to be Grumpy Jr’s first trip.

Although most people would have headed to the Magic Kingdom the schedule did not work out that way. Our first stop was Hollywood Studios. We had Fastpasses for Toy Story Midway Mania but had time to kill before we could board.

So we decided to do the Great Movie Ride. Now there is something you should know about Grumpy Jr. He is not timid. He is not tentative. He is downright chicken! Grumpy means he wouldn’t even ride the little cars at Walmart that just rock back and forth. Some even doubted we would get him on any rides at all at Disney World.

But here we are on the Great Movie ride and though he may not have been loving it he was not freaking out. It was a major win for us, or so it seemed.

Grumpy Tip Know Your Ride

Somewhere in the cowboy scene  Grumpy remembers the Alien scene! Can Grumpy say “Doh!” or do you have to be in that other Orlando theme park to say that? Needless to say Grumpy Jr was not impressed. He stopped short of crying and trying to run away but his little hands were over his eyes. (He did peak out a little at the monster over head though.)

Fortunately he quickly recovered from the experience. We were worried it might have soured him on all rides but he really opened up. We couldn’t keep him off rides when we got the Magic Kingdom. He wanted to ride everything. But if Grumpy had been thinking ahead he would not have risked the entire trip a mediocre ride like The Great Movie Ride. Lesson learned. Know your ride!

The Only Ride In the World With Barf Bags

While it might not be the only ride in the entire world with barf bags it is the only one Grumpy knows of. You know the one right? Mission Space at Epcot?

Grumpy does not do spinny rides. The kind you find at carnivals and fairs and such. You know like the Tea Cups? No way. No how. Under no circumstance! Even the Carousel can be a little much.

So why oh why for the love of God was Grumpy on Mission Space? And this was before Mission Space “Lite”. This was when there was only Mission Space Hell. Or that is the way Grumpy remembers it.

It will be fun they said. You will love it they said. So there is Grumpy sitting in the command chair on this mission to red planet. We take off and it started getting ugly quickly.

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For those not familiar with Mission Space it is really just a huge centrifuge that spins really fast. The effect for most people is like that of gravity. No doubt very cool unless you get motion sickness. Then it’s like church. Because all you are doing is praying your lunch does not come back up! Fortunately there are barf bags. No, Grumpy did not have to use one but it was close.

After Grumpy’s Mission To Space there were no more rides for a couple hours. Just a sense that death was impending and maybe preferable.

And It Doesn’t End There

The rides and attractions at Disney are great! But you must know your ride! After the debacle with The Great Movie Ride and Grumpy Jr do you think we loaded him onto Dinosaur at the Animal Kingdom? No chance!

So the bottom line is you must know your ride! Know what you are getting on.  And also know what you are capable of handling!
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