Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World

Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland

Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland?

You heard about it hear first! Or maybe last who knows. But you did hear about it here!

That’s right a flying dragon actually invades New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It flew right over the Magic Kingdom. It even breathes fire. If you don’t believe Grumpy check out the video at the end of this article.

Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World

The Story: Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland

Everything in the Disney Parks starts with a story. The flying dragon is no exception. Disney launched an entire Youtube campaign to introduce the dragon. Grumpy wonders why but we will get to that later.

There had been rumors of a dragon making its way to Walt Disney World for some time. Though it was unconfirmed most sources thought it would probably head towards New Fantasyland, what with all the princesses and castles and such. Everyone knows dragons love those things!

The rumors began to take shape in videos released in 2012. First an egg was found. It was a big egg. Huge egg in fact. We’re talking Mork from Ork sized egg (rip Robin Williams.) No one was sure what came out of though because it was already hatched.

Some grainy footage then showed up that might have been a dragon…or about anything else for that matter. Then the dragon must have gotten hungry, hungry for birthday cake. He next showed up, uninvited, at a birthday party. Luckily they were already filming and managed to capture some footage.

A farmer encountered what he thought was kids messing around in his barn. Fortunately he got it all recorded but unless kids in his part of the country have long tails and huge wings this goes down as a dragon sighting.

Some parents took a video camera to their daughters softball game hoping to catch their princess hitting it out of the park. Well she may not have done that but they did get some out of this world footage of the dragon.

Every time the dragon was spotted he was a little closer to Disney World. The next sighting was too close for comfort. A father and son got a quick, but uncomfortably close, view of the beast from the Contemporary.

Enter Gary. Gary is a crack investigator. Or maybe he is just cracked. You just have to view the video at the end and come to your own conclusions. Grumpy is still shaking his head.

Gary went to the Magic Kingdom to do some research and met up with some familiar faces. One person came forward to share some information but wanted to stay anonymouse.

And perseverance paid off! Gary found the dragon. It did indeed fly over New Fantasyland  and it breathed fire.

They Flying Dragon! The Good News Is You Missed it!

Wait that’s not good news at all! That is Grumpy news and not the good kind of Grumpy news. According to Disney the dragon made a special one night only appearance. It was December 5th, 2012. See Grumpy told you you missed it. Don’t feel bad. Grumpy did too.

Why all the hoopla for a one night event?

Grumpy said he would get back to this and he is a dwarf of his word. Disney spent a lot of money producing a series of videos to promote the flying dragon. Then it flew exactly one time. Disney announced it was making a one time appearance. Why spend the money to promote something that most of us will never see?

The Future of the Flying Dragon

Why Disney would spend all the money to promote the flying dragon is not the only egg that needs cracked here. Why would Disney take the time to design and build the thing in the first place?

Unless the flying dragon is just a prototype. Perhaps, some day in the future, the dragon will make more regular appearances at the Magic Kingdom.

Or maybe they will use it somewhere else. Grumpy seems to remember something about a land called Pandora coming to the Animal Kingdom. Didn’t Pandora have some flying creatures that were pretty central to the movie? Maybe that dragon will not always be a dragon.

Of course that is all speculation…

The Flying Dragon Technology

So how did Disney do it? The easiest explanation is that someone in Imagineering is a fan of Pimp My Ride or Trick My Truck. They took something that is absolutely normal and then Disneyfied it.

That something is an para-glider. Surely you have seen these little personal aircraft? They look like a parachute with a go-cart strapped on the bottom all powered by an over-sized fan? That was the starting point.

Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World

Then Disney pimped it or tricked it, whichever term you prefer. They added some moving wings and a body. Now it looked like a dragon. That body also hides the pilot. Now they had a dragon.

Of course that left a problem. If you have ever seen one of these things you know the fan makes a lot of noise.  Noise was not a problem. Pump up some music, like Disney does all the time anyway, and the fan noise is not heard.

And getting fire to come out of it’s mouth? Not hard at all. They do the same thing with parade floats.

That is of course a simplified explanation. What do you expect Grumpy is a miner not an engineer! Grumpy will say this much more, there were some patents involved.

And Finally What You Have All Been Waiting For-The Video

Be forewarned, the last one makes Grumpy get a little sick in his mouth. You will understand it when you see it. You should also know that the video is a playlist of all the associated flying dragon videos grumpy could find so it’s a little long.

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