Epcot Is Making Big Cuts To Entertainment

Epcot Is Making Big Cuts To Entertainment

Disney announced today that Epcot is making big cuts to entertainment. Four popular acts are on their way out. Those acts are Mo’Rockin’, Off Kilter, Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps and World Showcase Players.

Epcot Is Making Big Cuts To Entertainment

Fan reaction so far has not been good. Many of these acts are very popular (at least online) and have a loyal fan base. That leaves fans asking why Disney would get rid of them. After all World Showcase is not exactly overflowing with things to do.

The answer to that is that Disney also announced new performers would be added. Disney described them as:

Traditional Berber music and dance troupe in Morocco, a corps of dynamic flag-waving performers in Italy, a thrilling lumberjack-inspired show in Canada, a Celtic folk music ensemble at the United Kingdom, and more.

You can read the entire story on the official Disney Blog here.

So why is Disney doing this? Some are quick to call it cost-cutting and it may be. But there may be something else to it.  After all they are cutting four acts and four and more (whatever more turns out to be.) Maybe Disney is just doing a little refreshing.

There is also the possibility that these acts are not as popular as they would seem. Lot’s of people are complaining. Lot’s of people complained when they took out Snow White’s Scary Adventure but let’s be honest the only thing that ride had going for it was nostalgia. (Sorry Snow White fans if you loved it. To each there own I guess.)

But Disney can not make all of its decisions based on comments found on the internet. It turns out that everything you read on the internet is not true. It also turns out that emotions are amplified.

So there may be a lot of people who love Off Kilter on line but how many are there that love it in the park? Grumpy can honestly say he never stopped to see any of these shows.

Here’s to hoping they are replaced with even better entertainment!

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