Enter to win a $50 Disney Gift Card

Enter To Win A $50 Disney Gift Card!

Going to Disney is expensive! Grumpy would love to take each and everyone of you to Disney World. He would also like to buy the world a coke and keep them company but neither one of those is very likely!

Grumpy can help you out a little bit with this free $50 Disney gift card. Enter today to win. Share it with your friends! If you can’t win maybe one of them can!

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Saving Money at Disney, Save Money at Disney

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118 thoughts on “Enter To Win A $50 Disney Gift Card!”

    1. Some one is excited! Bet you will be more excited if you win! Dont forget you can get more entries by returning to this page and using the Rafflecopter to tweet the giveaway again. You can also get more entries on the rafflecopter by using the comment option.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Hope it’s not your only visit. Remember you can get more entries by coming back to tweet and comment every day.

    1. Sounds exciting! And congratulations by the way. Any questions you have can get answered right here. If Grumpy doesn’t know he will find out for you.

  1. Going in about 2 weeks for the first time…surprise birthday trip for my almost 9 year old. I cannot wait (and would love to win 🙂 )

    1. Be sure to stop by guest relations and get a birthday pin for your child! The cast members will wish him/her a happy birthday all over the place. And there may be extra perks too. We had special attention at many of the sit down restaurants when we went for our anniversary. If you have dining reservations wouldn’t hurt to let them know in advance you are celebrating a birthday.

    1. Congratulations on your first trip and maybe you will have $50 extra dollars to spend. Remember you can get extra entries by coming back here and tweeting and commenting again. Just make sure you use the rafflecopter giveaway system again.

      1. Yes, back in April ’91 with my daughter who was just shy of 5. I planned the whole intinerary while undergoing chemo for breast cancer. Went three times over a two yr period. Guess it’s about time I went back again, huh?

        1. First congratulations on beating cancer! That had to be hard especially with a five year old daughter to worry about.

          Second yes it’s time!

  2. A gift card would certainly help with some little souvenirs for the little one. Any recommendations on which Disney resort to stay at with the baby?( will be just a month shy of 3 when we go!!!)

    1. First choice is something that is offering a discount. Disney does not offer discounts on all resorts at the same time. Check your dates to see what specials are going on.

      Then not so much a resort as a resort request. With a little one you want to be close to the bus stop and the food court (if you intend to eat at the food court.) First floor might not hurt either depending on how much you want a view.

      If you are using a travel agent you can call and ask them to add the request. Or you can call Disney for yourself.

      There is an online option sometimes but sometimes there isn’t.!

      Have a great trip!

      1. Thanks! We are planning on going the end of aug/beginning of sept 2017. We have lots of time to plan but I want to make the most informed choice possible. I want to make sure that we have access to a pool that is appropriate for a toddler, easy access to the park transportation and proximity to parks. I am hoping to be able to schedule several character dining experiences but would love to hear what advice you have regarding those. What are must do and what to stay away from. Looking forward to planning this trip of a lifetime!!!

    1. Haven’t tried Ohana yet is it good? By the way did you see the new share to get bonus entries at the top of the giveaway?

      1. Ohana is our favorite. You have to try it. We try to eat there at least twice every visit. We are so excited since this year we are going for Christmas and this is where we will have Christmas Dinner. I did not notice the share above, but I will share now 🙂

        1. Thanks for Sharing! And coming back by. Love to meet fellow Disney enthusiasts! And Ohana in on my list of places to dine. Are you actually having Christmas Day dinner there?

          Grumpy and Grumpy’s Brother are trying to convince the extended family to skip Christmas presents this year and next, as well as Birthday celebrations, and do Disney instead 🙂

          1. Yes we are eating Christmas dinner there that night. That is what we decided this year as a family. We talked to our boys and they were on board with this. They said they would gladly give up presents for a Christmas trip. So we have been saving like crazy so we could go. I know I will still buy them a couple small tiny things, but we also told them they would get stuff at the parks as gifts also. We are beyond excited!!!!

          2. Grumpy thinks that is a brilliant idea! Tried talking my extended family into a Disney trip instead of Christmas.

  3. Love all the good advice and tips I can find on your website. Still doing research to plan our exciting Disney vacation. A $50 gift card would help!

    1. Grumpy is glad you found it too! And who doesn’t love talking Disney? Only the uneducated and the haters who have never been 🙂

        1. Orange Leaf huh? One of those right by my house. Might have to get one and bring it home. Grumpy has always has pineapple juice so it can become a float 🙂

  4. another comment, still hoping!.. to your question above, I try to get to Disney at least once a year, have to work around kids school and ball schedules as well as hubby’s drill dates…

    1. Six Kiddos! You need to win 🙂

      Going to be a blast though. Any of them toddlers? They seem to be the most fun to take to Disney.

    1. Good luck! Not every week around Christmas is crazy from what Grumpy hears. The week before and the week after are the worst.

    1. Grumpy has looked into it. I can see that you are getting credit for multiple entries for commenting and tweeting. I’m purely guessing here but I suspect you are showing either 16 of 16 entries or 5 of 16 entries. I suspect you are showing the 5 of 16. If that is the case Rafflecopter, the program used to host the giveaway, is showing one entry for the facebook pages you liked, following me on twitter, tweeting about the giveaway and commenting on the page. That is only a display issue though. You are showing more than five or 16 entries into the contest. If you would like more specifics please send me a private message on the Walt Disney World by Grumpymickey Facebook page.

      1. right now it shows 9, but what’s been happening is when I come back to write a comment again it has shown me the past couple times that it’s 3 when I know it is more? I don’t know,lol.. all I can do is hope some make it in the drawing! 😉 Thanks!

        1. I checked with the developer. When you come back because you have the option to comment/tweet again it is not showing those entries but your entries are registered. It is just letting you know you can get some more entries 🙂

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