Downtown Disney Food Trucks

Downtown Disney Food Trucks

Did I really just say Downtown Disney Food Trucks? Yes I did.  This is not to say that Disney is going to allow just anyone to drive his or her food truck onto Disney property and open up shop. Instead Disney is operating it’s own food trucks.

Downtown Disney Food Trucks

Currently there are four Downtown Disney Food Trucks. Each truck has it’s own particular theme and niche. Within that theme and Niche they do share one thing in common. Each truck will have food that is normally found in a Disney theme park.

Three of the four food trucks will represent a theme park at Walt Disney World. Those theme parks will be Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom.

The fourth truck will represent the Magic Kingdom.  It will not be limited, however, to just the Orlando version of the Magic Kingdom. Any Magic Kingdom in the world (including Disneyland) can be represented.

Many food trucks offer large menus. The large menu results in long wait times for guests who order.  The Downtown Disney Food Trucks will offer three main items in order to speed service along.

Downtown Disney Food TrucksWhat Are the Four Downtown Disney Food Trucks

World Showcase of Flavors: Representing Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.

  • Pierogies with Kielbasa and Caramelized Onions 
  • Grass Fed Beef Sliders with Monterey Jack and Sweet Pickles 
  • Lobster Roll 

World Showcase of Flavors has standard water and fountain drinks but also includes some wine offerings. It is, after all,  representing the the International Food and Wine Festival.

Fantasy Fare: Food from Magic Kingdoms across the world.

  • Croque Monsieur from Walt Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant
  • Glass Noodle Salad with chicken and pickled veggies from Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Hand-dipped Corn Dogs from Disneyland

Namaste: Flavors from the Animal Kingdom.

  • Slow-cooked Beef Short Ribs
  • Tandoori Shrimp
  • Butter Chicken

Superstar Catering: Featuring food from Hollywood Studios

  • Turkey Sausage and Golden Raisin Meatballs served on soft polenta
  • Lamb Meatball Flatbread Sandwich
  • Spinach and Beef Meatball Sandwich.
  • For children, Kid’s Meatball Slider.

The hours for the trucks seem to vary quite a bit. If you are headed to Downtown Disney check out the official Walt Disney World Page for more information.

 Where Are They At?

Currently Disney lists the location of all of the food trucks either at West Side or Market Place. There are reports that they are moving around some.

Eventually they will be located at permanent food truck park located between Bongo’s Cuban Cafe and the new Starbucks in Downtown Disney’s West Side.

But Why Add Food Trucks?

Without any inside knowledge Grumpy can only speculate. So here goes…

Food trucks are mobile. In theory they could be moved to busy areas that are being under-served. Disney already has a crowd control system  to send entertainment to areas of the park that are over crowded.

Disney loves to cash in on trends. Food trucks are trending big time now. Ever heard of the Great Food Truck Race?

These two theories seem to get some support from an article in the The Sentinel.

A representative for the theme park tells the Orlando Sentinel that food trucks are “a natural extension of what” the park already does. He adds, “The trucks give us immense flexibility to bolster foodservice at the parks during peak times,” noting that Disney doesn’t “see the food trucks as a waning trend.” Click here to read the whole article. 

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