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Disney World Is Not For You

Disney World Is Not For You?

Strange title for a blog dedicated to Disney huh? Those of you who either follow this blog or Walt Disney World by Grumpymickey on FBย you are wondering if Grumpy has lost his mind.ย Well thanks for worrying about me but the truth is the mind is just as good as it ever was, which may not be saying much.

So what prompts this subject for an article? Recently there have been so many articles and posts bashing either Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Grumpy will admit that neither park, or any of the other Disney parks worldwide, are perfect. But for most of us they are a dream come true.

So why are so many people so negative when it comes to Disney? Maybe the answer is that Disney World is not for you.

Getting it all to yourself!

Are you expecting that you and your family are going to be the only ones at Walt Disney World? Well you are not!

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World has hosted over 16 million guests annually for the last several years. Some years that number has climbed to 18 million people. ย That means the average park attendance is over 43,000 people per day.

If you are not willing to “share” the park with 43,000 other people Disney is not for you.

No waiting in line!

Never want to wait in any lines? Disney is not for you then. With that many people at the Magic Kingdom you are going to have to wait in line. Get over it and yourself. Disney did not build you a personal paradise. Walt’s original vision was a place where families can come and have fun together. Judging from the attendance figures and the profit margins that vision has come true.

Adults only!

Did you catch where Grumpy said Walt’s vision was for families to have fun together. That means kids. Don’t want to be around kids? Don’t visit a Disney park. Surprisingly the places are practically over run by the little guys! In fact people have paid a small fortune, sometimes, to bring children to place that was created with them in mind!

Cheap is good. Free is better!

Expecting a cheap vacation? Better try a staycation at your home. It’s not cheap to stay at Disney. It’s not cheap to get into the parks and the food is not free. If you happen to know a theme park where everything is free, please go there and leave us Disney lovers alone. It’s crowded enough without you.

But seriously…

Disney is a magical place or it would not draw the numbers it does. It is not a perfect place. We have all been packed in like sardines, been exposed to children throwing a tantrum and hit with sticker shock at the price of some of the food and souvenirs.

But there are ways to alleviate some of the problems. Don’t like crowds or lines? Schedule your trip for slower times of the year and take full advantage of Disney’s Fastpass+ system. Disney runs special discounts during these slower times too. Sometimes they actually do give away food during really slow times (when Free Dining is offered). There is, however, no way to get rid of the kids at Disney World. And who wants to? Some of them are a pain but most of them are just so fun to watch as their faces light up at the first sight of Mickey or the thrill of riding the Barnstormer.

9 thoughts on “Disney World Is Not For You”

  1. Disney is definitely for me!! My husband & I have been gong very August for the past 6 yrs. This past Jan we decided to check out off season. We had a ball even though we only were able to spend 5 days. Because it was off season, we had a chance to do several attractions that we can’t do in August due to longer wait times. We decided that we will be returning next January!! Now that we will be going twice a year, that takes some of the pressure off of our August trip since we feel like we won’t have to rush to see everything to get our yearly fix!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. If you can do offseason that is definitely the way to go! If you would like any help booking your next trip drop me a line! One of the perks of being a Disney style travel agent is we get to live our dreams vicariously while we help others plan.

  2. Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind! Our August trip has already been booked. Just wanted to say, I really enjoy all of your articles and posts! they are informative as well as enjoyable to read! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Very kind of you to say that! Hoping you guys have a great time. Mind if I ask where you are staying? Port Orleans Riverside has to be my favorite. But I haven’t tried Poly yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. As always you’re article is spot on. I’m totally okay with it not being everyone’s cup of tea. It leaves a little more breathing space for those of us willing to be packed in. Off season is a great way to go, but not always possible. I always tell first timers to pack their patience and just enjoy what they can. There’s always another trip possible to finish what wasn’t done. After 7 trips, we still haven’t seen it all, and I’m okay with that too. Just another excuse (?) to go back. Thanks again for all you wonderful insight into the world of Disney. Grumpy Rules!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! And even if a person has experienced it, is once enough? Twice? Or even a hundred times ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We stay at “”The Pop”‘. Over the past several years when we have gone in August, we have become good friends with several other couples. We text & email throughout the year and then plan the dates when we will be going.

    The Pop is great for our needs. We don’t go to WDW to stay in the room! It’s a bright cheerful resort with lots of activity gong on!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Recurring travel partners? Who were strangers but now are friends? That is great! Another part of the Magic of Disney. And a room is what you expect of it. Pop is great! Others want more. Let each family decide what’s best for them, their likes and their budget! There is no wrong way to do Disney if you are having fun!

      If you ever consider using at Travel Agent, by the way, Grumpy would love to help you. I’ll even through in some incentives.

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