Parks are not the only thing to do at Walt Disney World. There are golf courses (including the mini variety). There are places to eat. You can go bowling.  You can catch a movie. You can even ride in a Nascar. But parks are the big draw.


There are four theme parks and two water parks at Walt Disney World.

The theme parks are
  • The Magic KingdomThe original and best park at Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom has all the classics plus a few new attractions. It is impossible to do it all in one day but you can try.
  • Epcot-Not exactly what Walt envisioned when he was designing what would become Walt Disney World. Epcot is a showcase of innovation and culture. While some would call this the most boring park others would argue it is the most relaxing.
  • Hollywood Studios-Originally sponsored by MGM and called MGM Hollywood Studios this park is devoted to entertainment. From the golden age to the present movies, television and music are highlighted.
  • The Animal Kingdom-While there are lots of animal exhibits the Animal Kingdom is not a zoo. There are plenty of things to do here besides gawk at the animals. This park defines Edutainment.


The Water Parks
  • Blizzard Beach-If you head to Blizzard Beach expecting an actual snow storm you will be disappointed. Instead look for water slides, waves pools and lazy river.
  • Typhoon Lagoon-No typhoons here on a storm of fun. Besides the normal water park activities you can swim with the fish including bonnet head sharks.

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