Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style

Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style

After careful research (meaning I just completely made it all up) I have come to the scientific conclusion there are seven stages of Disney planning.  Each stage can be characterized by one of the seven dwarfs from Disney’s classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For that reason I call my approach the Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style.

Do your own research (read the post) and see if you do not agree. Let me know in the comments.

Stage One

At this point there is no plan to go to Disney World. I am searching prices and planning trips I know I am not going to take. Either Mrs. Grumpy won’t let me spend the money or the Grumpy bank account is empty.  I am Grumpy.

Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style
Stage One of Disney Planning is Grumpy
Stage Two

That Disney itch is really needing to be scratched. I drop hints about the various Disney promotions going on and how Grumpy Jr. is tall enough to ride Expedition Everest now. I am hoping Mrs. Grumpy brings up the idea of going to Disney. She does not. I am too Bashful to bring it up myself.

Stage Three

Mrs. Grumpy asks me why I want to sleep all the time. It’s not healthy she says.  I remind her that dreaming about Disney is the best I can hope for. *Yawn* I’m Sleepy just let me lay down and dream.

Stage Four

My lack of Disney has made me sick. No really I am sick. I have no energy. I am not sure what I have but it is probably fatal. Cannot keep tissues in the house because I am Sneezy all the time.

Stage Five

Mrs Grumpy wants to know what is wrong with me.  Go to the doctor she says. No need to do that I say. I know what is wrong with me. I have lackofdisneyitis. I don’t need no doctor to tell me that. I am my own Doc.

Stage Six

After months of being at stage five Mrs Grumpy gives in. We can go to Disney. How convenient I have saved reservations for every month of the year just waiting to be confirmed. I also have multiple resort options saved. I pull out my spread sheet of preferred ADR’s (Advanced Dining Reservations.) You guessed it, I am Happy!

Stage Seven

Finally at the Magic Kingdom! I am riding rides. I am slurping down Dole Whips. My face is covered with powder sugar from funnel cakes. I stand in line for hours to get my picture taken with some girl in Mickey Mouse head or the “real” Anna from Frozen. Yup, I’m Dopey now.

Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style
Stage Seven, the best stage, is Dopey!

There you have it. The seven stages of Disney Planning Seven Dwarfs Style. It’s a vicious cycle as soon as you hit stage seven you are in danger of going right back to stage one.

They only way to prevent going all the way back to stage one is booking your next trip while you are on your current trip. Try that with your Mr or Mrs Grumpy and let me know how it works out. It never works for me.

And if you would like some serious planning trips check out this excellent article from the Disney Tourist Blog by clicking here.


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