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Disney Is Replacing Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

For years people have showed up early to be among the first to enter the Magic Kingdom. As a bonus they got to see the Magic kingdom welcome show. But now Disney is replacing the Magic Kingdom welcome show with something totally different.

The current welcome show actually takes place outside of the Magic Kingdom. Guests line up in front of the Mainstreet USA train station. Performers sing a welcome song. The mayor of Mainstreet USA makes a little speech and then the Walt Disney Railroad brings in Mickey and his friends. Disney has normally selected a family from the crowd to “help” Mickey. Eventually Mickey counts down from 10 and the gates are opened.

If you want to see a full video check out the one from iThemepark below.

The New Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

Starting January 9th there will be a new Magic Kingdom Welcome Show. Instead of waiting outside of the park guests will wait on Mainstreet. While they wait they can get a coffee from Main Street Bakery.

The actual show takes place on the Castle Forecourt Stage. The royal herald and a few characters will officially open the park. Want to read the official Disney announcement? Click here.

Why change the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

Disney has not told us why they are changing the show but I will speculate some. For one thing the Walt Disney World Railroad will be down for an extended refurbishment. The show is not nearly exciting without it. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it gets people closer to the action faster and it may not be a coincidence they can also spend some money while they wait.

The unintended consequences of the new Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

For most people this change is a non-event. A select group of people would, however, disagree.

Many people work hard to get a breakfast reservation before the park officially opens. That gives them an opportunity to get pictures on a nearly empty Mainstreet. Depending on how early they start letting guests into the park that opportunity may be gone.

So what do you think about these changes? Be sure to leave us a comment because we love to hear from you!


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  1. I am very sad. This welcome show is what Disney is all about… is the magic of Disney. I actually get goose bumps and tears when I watch this show.

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