Disney Cast Members Make The Difference

Disney Cast Members Make The Difference

Every company strives to have great customer service. Few seem to achieve it. Disney is one of the companies that does. Anyone who has been to Walt Disney World can tell you honestly that Disney cast members make the difference. There level of customer service not only meets but exceeds what a reasonable person could expect.

What does Disney do that is different? It starts with how Disney views its customers. Disney doesn’t refer to its park visitors as customers. They are called guests. While this may seem like just a difference in terms Disney makes it mean something. Disney cast members treat people like they are special. Disney has invited the guest into their world and they want to make sure the guest enjoys the experience.

There are numerous small things Disney does to make sure everyone feels like more than a customer. Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Stop by guest relations and get a button to let everyone know. Cast members (and other guests) will wish you a happy birthday or anniversary all day long. First trip to Disney? They have a button for that too! Cast members will respond accordingly.

Of course Disney is not perfect. There will be times when a cast member will let you down. But if your expectations are reasonable (not expecting to skip every line for an attraction or get everything for free) chances are Disney will meet and exceed them.

Here are a few times a Disney cast member went above and beyond to make sure Grumpy felt appreciated. Feel free to share your special moments that a Disney cast member made better in the comments.

How Did They Know Where To Find Us?

Grumpy and Mrs Grumpy celebrated our 15th anniversary at Walt Disney World. It was February and the parks were not very busy. While passing by the America Pavilion at Epcot one of the cast members waved us over to a spot that was a little out of the way.

Both Mr and Mrs were completely confused about what he wanted. He asked us what our names were and we told him.  Then he said he had a phone call for us.

Really? What kind of emergency could this be? Was it family? Surely they would call us on our cell phones right? And how did this guy we had never met know we were the couple he was looking for.

Either way he handed us the phone and told us both to listen. On the other end? Mickey and Minnie wishing us a happy anniversary. Remember those buttons Grumpy mentioned? He had seen ours for our anniversary. Instead of ignoring us he took time to make our day a little more special.

Grumpy Went To Disney World And All He Got Was Vomit Covered Jeans

There is no other way to describe what happened in this story. Grumpy and Mrs Grumpy are rain-soaked and freezing. We are on the way back to our resort and on a very crowded bus. It is our first day of a seven day vacation. Both of us are standing. We are right next to one of those bench row of seats, the kind that face the middle of the bus.

Lights are out and we still have about 10 minutes to go to reach the resort hotel. Then Grumpy hears it. Someone gagging about to vomit. Then Grumpy feels it hit his jeans.

Now Grumpy can take a lot of things but being thrown up on was not one he ever wanted to experience. The little girl who threw up, and her parents, apologized profusely and Grumpy was much politer than he felt. But he still had vomit running down his leg.

To make things worse it was February and Grumpy had only packed one pair of jeans. Florida is always warm right? Not that year. Temperatures actually dropped below freezing some nights.

So freezing cold and Grumpy’s only jeans have been eliminated from the wardrobe. Right? Wrong. A stop by the front desk at the Animal Kingdom Lodge to explain what happened and instructions on how to leave the vomit-soaked jeans for Mousekeeping to pick up.

Not only did Mousekeeping pick up the jeans and wash them, they brought them back with a nice crease in them. Evidently someone likes to iron their jeans. How much did all that cost? Not a penny the nice cast member at the front desk just made it happen.

A Not So Very Merry Christmas Party

In 2013 Grumpy and family (The Mrs, the Jr and Grumpy Grandma and Grandpa) made a November trip to Disney World. Like anyone who knows how crowded the table service restaurants can get, Grumpy made reservations well in advance.

The second to last night of the trip we had reservations for the Liberty Tree Tavern at 7:10. Because this was a night that the Magic Kingdom was hosting Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party the park closed at 7. We had no plan to attend the party because, well it cost $60 per person and even though Grumpy Jr would be free that was an extra $240.

Even though we were eating after the park closed to anyone not attending the Christmas Party Grumpy thought everything would be fine. All we need was transportation back to our resort hotel after dinner andtransportation would be running until the end of the party. Eat our meal, hop on the bus and back to the resort. No problem right?

Wrong. Turns out to do anything  after a  Disney hard ticket event like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party starts you have to have wrist band. No wrist band and they usher you down Mainstreet and out the front gate.

Fortunately, for some reason, Grumpy got nervous about the plan a few days ahead of time and stopped by Guest Relations. After explaining the plan to the wonderful cast member there Grumpy got the bad news. It would not work.

Instead of the just sending Grumpy on his way the cast member said hold on a minute. He went and talked to his boss and said he had an offer to make. He could not bend the rules to let us in. He could not give us four free passes to the Party. But he could give us two free passes to the party if we bought two.

Now that is still $120 but its also five extra hours in the Magic Kingdom plus a special parade and free treats. Grumpy pulled out the wallet and took the deal.

What’s Your Story?

Do you have a story of how a Disney cast member made your day? Share it in the comments please.



4 thoughts on “Disney Cast Members Make The Difference”

  1. I sure do! Last Oct. was our daughter’s Sweet 16, she has always been fascinated with history and loves the UK, Epcot is her favorite park so of course we took her to the Food and Wine Festival and started to eat our way around the world, but when we got to United Kingdom we surprised her with the Rose and Crown. Our waitress was the sweetest thing, our daughter and her best friend was asking her all kinds of questions about where she lived and of course about One Direction,lol… close to the end of our meal the cm brought her a crown that said Happy Birthday and it was signed by everyone who was working in the restaurant that day. She made what was already special to our daughter even more special and memorable. It will always be appreciated!! I have a couple more,but will save those for later 😉

    1. Excellent story! We found that when they know you are celebrating something at one of the Table service restaurants they tend to do something. Glad your princess got the royal treatment 🙂

  2. My middle son was so upset that he wasn’t tall enough to ride space mountain with his dad and older brother. We were in the arcade at the end of space mountain at WDW and he was crying. A cast member came up to us, asked what was wrong and hearing the story said that wouldn’t work at all. She came by with a magic key and he got to play games for free until dad and big brother returned. It was amazing!

    1. Children don’t understand the height requirement and it can be tuff. Grumpy had the same problem with Jr at times. Glad a cast member stepped up and helped out though!

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