New Cheaper Four Day Disney Tickets

Wondering how to save some money on a Walt Disney World vacation? You are not alone! It is no secret that a Disney vacation is expensive. From parking at one of the parks to eating nothing is cheap but tickets are one of the most expensive things to buy. Now there is a new (limited time option) for New Cheaper Four Day Disney Tickets. Unfortunately there are some strings attached.

What is the new cheaper four day Disney tickets

The cheaper four day ticket is called the 4 Park Magic Ticket and it is only available until March 5th of 2017.  It must be used by May 26th, 2017. The cost is $279 for adult and $259 for children ages 3-9 (under 3 is free!) Compare that to the normal price of a four day park ticket (which runs $325 for adults and $305 for children ages 3-9) and you are saving about $55 per ticket.

What are the strings on the cheaper four day Disney tickets

There are a few strings. The first string deals with when you can go. The 4 Park Magic ticket has black-out dates when you cannot use it at all.  Those dates are Dec. 17, 2016 through Jan. 2, 2017 and April 10-21, 2017. The ticket must also be used by May 26, 2017. As with all Disney tickets it expires 14 days after the first use so you can take a day or two off from Disney parks during your vacation.

The second string is probably more important. A normal Disney ticket lets you enter any one of the theme parks on a given day. You pick which park and you can come and go as much as you like.  Have a four day ticket and want to see the Magic Kingdom all four days? No problem. You can mix and match as much as you want as long as it is only one park (unless you add the Park Hopper option.)

The 4 Park Magic Ticket is different. It is a ticket to visit each theme park once and only once. You cannot skip your least favorite park and visit your favorite twice. You can still exit and re-enter the same theme park on the day of your visit. The Four Park Magic ticket does not have a Park Hopper add on either.

Why offer cheaper four Day Disney tickets

In addition to complaining about price (I’m not judging I do it too!) there is another major complaint. It turns out the majority of us do not like to share our Disney vacation. In other words we want the park to ourselves. Bad news is we are out  of luck! There will always be crowds at Walt Disney World.Free Disney Vacation

Disney does  try to help with crowds by encouraging people to spread out. The Magic Kingdom is far more popular with Disney guests than the other parks. Twice as many people visit it than Epcot, Hollywood Studios or the Animal Kingdom. That amounts to 10 million more people visiting the Magic Kingdom per year. Maybe this the Disney version of killing two birds with one stone. They will make your vacation more affordable but your not all crowding into the Magic Kingdom? What do you think?

To learn more visit the official Walt Disney World site.

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