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Enter To Win A Free Disney Vacation

Normally Grumpy recommends staying on property but if you can stay off property for free that is a different story! This contest does not include a stay on Disney property but it is a free Disney vacation!

Enter for a chance to WIN a 5 Night Stay in an Orlando Vacation Home, 4 three day Disney Magic Your Way® tickets and a $100 Disney Gift Card!

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Free Disney Vacation


Contest expires September 30, 2015. For more great contests click here.


Soarin Around The World

The Epcot classic Soarin is getting updated! A new movie is being filmed and the ride will lose its California only theme to become Soarin Around The World!

Of course Walt Disney World has a lot of projects going on these days. Hollywood Studios is getting a Star Wars Land and a Toy Story Land. Animal Kingdom is getting Pandora, the World of Avatar. The Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland is still fresh enough to be considered new. While this update to Soarin is the not the same as a new land it is something to encourage Epcot lovers.

Soarin’ (Over California)

Many of you are no doubt familiar with Soarin at Epcot.  For those who have never had the pleasure of riding Soarin it is located in the Future World section of the park in the Land Pavilion.

Soarin is a flight simulator but not one like you may be used to. Guests enter one of two (will be three soon!) theaters. Each theater has three ride vehicles each of which has three rows. You are seated in your assigned seat and when everyone is ready the ride vehicles lift you into the air and where once there were three horizontal rows there are now three vertical ones! Your feet are swinging free below you and the canopy above you gives you the impression you are in a hang-glider.

Soarin Around the World

That is when the ride really starts! Guests quickly become immersed in the movie as sights from all over California are mixed with motion, sounds, smells and even the rush of air over your face! It is quite an experience.

Soarin Around The World

Unfortunately, for those in Walt Disney World at least, the ride was a little confusing. After all you are taking off from Florida and then the whole ride features California (the movie was originally filmed for Disney’s California Adventure and came east to Florida later.) The ride even ended at Disneyland!

Now a new movie is being filmed and Soarin will become Saoarin Around the World. New scenes are being added and it is quite possible that parks around the world will have slightly different versions of the ride. Maybe (crossing fingers) it will even be like the new Star Tours and no two trips will be the same!

While Disney has not revealed all the new scenes that will be incorporated you can get a view hints from the Making of Video below. There are definitely a few scenes you can recognize instantly.

For a look behind the scenes at the new Soarin Around the World check this video out!

Unfortunately the new Soarin Around The World will not open until 2016.


New Disney Ticket Prices?

New Disney Ticket Prices coming soon?

Disney recently sent out a survey to annual pass holders for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The questions focused on whether pass holders would pay more for high traffic days. Such days would include summer, spring break and holidays like Christmas. Different days of the week could even have different prices. (Disney already charges higher rates to stay at its resorts for weekends.)

It should be noted this was only a survey. Nothing is set in stone (and Grumpy hopes they just set it in the trashcan where this proposal belongs.)

The proposal was a three tiered system. The tiers would be bronze, silver and gold. To add to the frustration of another possible price increase is the fact that you could end up paying three different prices for your tickets!

And to top it off, there is no savings for the bronze ticket. It would cost just as much to go on a slow day as it does now but busier days would cost more.

Disney has not offered a reason for the survey but it could be a way to reduce crowding. Or it could just be a way to squeeze more money out of the guests.

For more information check out this Demand Pricing At Disney.

Shaking my Grumpy head. What do you think?

Be Our Guest Testing Breakfast

Be Our Guest Testing Breakfast

For a while there have been rumors but now it is official. Starting March 20 Be Our Guest at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will be testing breakfast. In fact the reservation system is already accepting requests for what is sure to be a popular breakfast option. The test will last until June 18th. Continue reading Be Our Guest Testing Breakfast

Disney World Is Not For You

Disney World Is Not For You?

Strange title for a blog dedicated to Disney huh? Those of you who either follow this blog or Walt Disney World by Grumpymickey on FB you are wondering if Grumpy has lost his mind. Well thanks for worrying about me but the truth is the mind is just as good as it ever was, which may not be saying much. Continue reading Disney World Is Not For You

Who Is Ready For A Disney Vacation?

Disney Vacation Anyone?

We all are all ready for a Disney vacation right? In fact, a permanent vacation to the wonderful world of Walt Disney would be even better. Who is in?

Well Grumpy has some good news and some bad news. First the bad, a permanent vacation is probably not going to happen but keep wishing on those stars you never know! I would not recommend kissing any frogs though.

And now the good news! Grumpy can now help you take the hassle out your vacation planning. That’s right Grumpy can do the work for you as your own personal travel specialist. I have joined the Magical Vacations By Me team!

From finding the right room for you at the best price, to getting up early in the morning to get those hard to get ADRs (Advanced Dining Reservations) and customizing your Magic Bands. Grumpy can help you do it all!

But why not book directly with Disney you say? Well you could do that and once you have booked your trip you are on your own. But what if a better price comes along later is Disney going to call you and let you know? Doubtful. But Grumpy will be on the case and get you the best rate possible!


Cinderella Suite Part Of A New Disney Sweepstakes

Cinderella Suite Part Of A New Disney Sweepstakes

Here is a chance to have two once in a lifetime experiences from Walt Disney World Resorts. Check out this grand prize:

All of our happy haunts are just dying to meet the winner! One family of foolish mortals will attend a private party, hosted by 999 happy haunts inside Haunted Mansion®. After Midnight strikes, and all the supernatural surprises have been sprung, you’ll retire for one comfortably creepy stay in Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom® Park, at Walt Disney World® Resort.* Enter here.
Disney Vacation Sweepstakes Cinderella Suite