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Hollywood Studios Gertie The Dinosaur

Hollywood Studios Gertie The Dinosaur

If you have been to Hollywood Studios you have no doubt noticed the big dinosaur. She is in Echo lake just chilling .¬†If you an ice cream fan you know exactly where she. This dinosaur is home to Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction.

Hollywood Studios Gertie The DinosaurBut the dinosaur, named Gertie as you might have guessed from the ice cream shop, seems a little out of place in Hollywood Studios. In fact Grumpy finally broke down and did a little research to find out exactly what this dinosaur is doing at Hollywood Studios. Turns out there is a good reason!

What Is This Dinosaur

Getie¬†looks very cartoonish. In fact she looks neglected and in need of a¬†good coat of paint, preferably in some more vibrant colors.¬†But when you understand her history and the history of Disney’s Hollywood Studios you will find she is perfect.

Gertie is a tribute to one of the original cartoon superstars, named Gertie of course. She was created to prove that animation really worked. When she was created, in 1914, people were skeptical about animation and moving pictures in general. So Winsor McCay created Gertie. You can see the original Gertie short below. Keep in mind this was in the era of silent films and before “talkies.”

So that explains who Gertie is but why is she at Hollywood Studios? When Hollywood Studios was Disney’s MGM Studios the park was dedicated to more than just fun rides and shows. It was a place to learn about how movies were made. It was also a place to pay tribute to the great movies of the past, which is why Gertie is perfect just where she is.

As for the paint job, well she is consistent with the era of movies she represents. Nothing too fancy.

Is Gertie headed for extinction?

Rumors abound that Hollywood Studios is going to be getting a major expansion soon. Bog Iger, the big cheese over all Walt Disney companies and subsidiaries, has all but confirmed that Star Wars is coming to Hollywood Studios. A Carsland or Pixarland may also be coming.

While more is certainly better in this case the question is where will this expansion go? As much as Grumpy would love to say they will increase the size of the park it is highly unlikely that Disney will expand the park that much. In fact they may not expand it all.

That means somethings will have to go away. The Backlot Studio Tour and the American Idol Experience are already gone. Rumors say that The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and Lights, Motor Action! are soon to follow. And unfortunately for Gertie, rumors are circulating that Echo Lake and Gertie are on their way out too.

But rumors are just rumors we can still hope that Hollywood Studios Gertie the dinosaur gets a reprieve and escapes extinction.

Want to learn more about Gertie? Click here for an excellent article.

What Is Going On At Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is a good theme park. It has the potential to be a great theme park. Disney may even be in the process of making it into a great park but the way they are doing it is making more than one person grumpy.

Why Hollywood Studios Isn’t A Great Park Today

There are several thing that are holding Hollywood Studios back.  The first is the attractions. It is not that Hollywood Studios does not have great attractions and shows. It has some of the best at Walt Disney World but it does not have enough.  In fact it is less than 20 attractions. Continue reading What Is Going On At Hollywood Studios

Pal Mickey

Disney has long been an innovator. Among the more recent Disney innovations are the interactive queues. But they are not Disney’s first attempt at interactivity. Before you could sort gems with the seven dwarfs there was Pal Mickey.

Pal Mickey

Pal Mickey was a ten inch Mickey Mouse plush but he was more than just a toy to carry around. He was an interactive tour guide to all four parks at Walt Disney World. Continue reading Pal Mickey

Original Magic Kingdom Attractions

October 1st, 1971 – The Big Day!

Walt Disney World officially opened on October 1st, 1971. ¬†At the time there was only one theme park, The Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom of 1971 was a lot different then the Magic Kingdom of 2014. ¬†Today let’s take a look at the original Magic Kingdom attractions and their fate over the years.¬† Continue reading Original Magic Kingdom Attractions

What Is An E Ticket Ride

What Is An E Ticket Ride

Walt Disney World has a seen a lot of changes over the years. Rides have come and gone. New parks and resorts have been added. The price of theme park admission has gone way up. What you get for the cost of admission has also changed which leaves many people wondering what an E-Ticket ride is.

When Walt Disney World (and Disneyland in California) originally opened admission to the parks was much cheaper. For example, in the early seventies park admission for a child was $4.95. Today park admission for a child ages three to nine starts at $88 for a single day ticket! That’s quite an increase.

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Lucky The Disney Dinosaur

Lucky The Disney Dinosaur

You are probably wondering who Lucky The Disney Dinosaur is. Is he some new plush you can buy at World of Disney? Is he a mascot for Dinoland USA? Is it a character from Dinosaur the movie?

No. ¬†Lucky the Disney Dinosaur is the first free-roving audio-animatronic ¬†ever created by Disney. He is very life like. He actually walks¬†on his own¬†and pulls¬†a flower cart behind him. He blinks. He moves his head from side to side. He responds to guests. While he obviously isn’t real he is real enough that guests who saw him wondered if they were at a Disney park or Jurassic Park.

Lucky The Disney Dinosaur Continue reading Lucky The Disney Dinosaur

Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland

Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland?

You heard about it hear first! Or maybe last who knows. But you did hear about it here!

That’s right a flying dragon actually invades New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It flew right over the Magic Kingdom. It even breathes fire. If you don’t believe Grumpy check out the video¬†at the end of this article.

Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World

The Story: Flying Dragon Invades New Fantasyland

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a family friendly roller-coaster combined with elements of a traditional Disney dark ride at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park. It was the last, and some would argue best, attraction constructed as part of Disney’s New Fantasyland expansion. The ride officially opened on May 28th, 2014.

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Walt Disney World Opening Day

MKCastle_01October 1, 1971 was opening day at Walt Disney World. Unfortunately I was not there. In fact I was not here. I was not born until, well sometime after that. Many of you probably missed it.

I really wish I had been there, as do many of you, but unless the Timekeeper or a blue fairy show up I think we will have to settle for this. It’s almost the same thing as having been there.

Okay it’s nothing like being there yourself but it is a good video!