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Family Style Dining at Pizzafari

Hungry guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will soon have a new option, family style dining at Pizzafari. The new option will be available July 31, 2018.

Pizzafari is located on Discovey Island in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is one of the more popular quick service options in the Animal Kingdom.

Family Style Dining at Pizzafari

When family style dining at Pizzafari opens up guests will have two options. They can indulge in the family style offering or order just normal quick service. Two dining rooms will be set aside for people ordering family style. Continue reading Family Style Dining at Pizzafari

10 Great Disney Dining Plan Tips

Did you know that guests staying at a Disney resort have the option to purchase a Disney Dining Plan?  Well they can and I have put together 10 great Disney Dining Plan tips to help you understand it and get the most out of it.


But before we get to the tips lets take a quick look at what is available. There are three levels of Disney Dining Plan.  They are the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan, the Disney Dining Plan, and the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan. The Quick-Service is the cheapest and the Deluxe is the most expensive. Continue reading 10 Great Disney Dining Plan Tips

Pizza Planet at Hollywood Studios Closing?

Is Pizza Planet at Hollywood Studios Closing?

The fact that Disney has announced a nearly year long refurbishment has many people asking, ” Is Pizza Planet at Hollywood Studios Closing?” While at first the idea seems crazy (Pizza Planet is very popular!) there are some very good reasons to consider it.

First is the fact that it will be closed from January to November. That suggests more than just updating and giving everything a fresh coat of paint. It suggests a complete overhaul. It suggests that the building that houses Pizza Planet today is going to house something totally different come November.

Second is location. Like the real estate agents tell you it is all about location. Pizza Planet is located right next to the Star Tours -The Adventure Continues. That location seems prime to be the center point of the new Star Wars Land and a Toy Story themed Pizza Planet would create a disturbance in the Force.

Speaking of locations Star Wars is not the only new land coming to Hollywood Studios. Toy Story is getting its own land. But where will it go? Disney is in the process of adding a third track to Toy Story Midway Mania which is probably the most popular ride at Hollywood Studios. So the logical place to place Toy Story Land is near the already existing attraction. That attraction, as you can see from the map below, is half-way across the park.

Pizza Planet at Hollywood Studios Closing
As you can see Pizza Planet suffers from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So maybe Pizza Planet is not closing for good. Maybe it is just moving to a new home. We can hope!


Change Coming To Disney Quick Service Seating?

Change Coming To Disney Quick Service Seating

Disney Quick Service Seating has always been first come first served (with Be Our Guest being the only exception.) Recent tests conducted at some Quick Service locations could indicate that is about to change.

Walt Disney World is the most popular theme park in the world. It should come as no surprise that there are often long lines for the rides. If you try to eat at the normal meal times you will probably find out there are long lines at the quick service restaurants too. After all everyone has to eat right? Continue reading Change Coming To Disney Quick Service Seating?

Something Besides Burgers at Disney

Something Besides Burgers at Disney

Headed off to a Disney vacation but afraid of burger burn out? After all that is the only option theme parks really offer. Right? And they will be overpriced too. Right? Well Grumpy cannot disagree about the overpriced but there is no need to suffer from burger burn out. There is something besides burgers at Disney.

In fact you do not have to pay to have a fancy sit down dinner or hit one of the character buffets to escape the bun. There are plenty of options from sushi (yes Grumpy really said sushi) to bbq ribs that will not set you back a fortune. In fact most of them are one quick service dining credit.

Top Quick Service Options By Park

So where do you find these options? First let’s take a look at Grumpy’s top choice for each park (and one honorable mention.)

Magic Kingdom

Columbia Harbor House: In the Magic Kingdom and looking beyond Pecos Bill’s or Cosmic Ray’s? Give Columbia Harbor House a try. Located in Liberty Square you have probably seen it a million times and never paid attention. But you are passing up some good food! The menu centers around seafood and includes tuna, battered fish and shrimp. Have non-seafood people in your party? There are also chicken nuggets on the menu. The theme in the Columbia Harbor house is also worth a look.

Something Besides Burgers at Disney


La Cantina de San Angel: Located in the World Showcase’s Mexico pavilion La Cantina de San Angel is an excellent escape from burgers.  La Cantina de San Angel offers excellent Mexican selections like Tacos de Barbacoa. These shredded beef tacos are a Grumpy favorite. The only drawback to La Cantina is the seating is very limited and is outdoor. Note: Don’t confuse La Cantina de San Angel with La Hacienda de San Angel. La Hacienda is in the pyramid and is table service (much higher prices.)

Hollywood Studios

Fairfax Fare:  If you head down Sunset Boulevard towards the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith and smell something good cooking it might be Fairfax Fare. This is another one of those places that is easy to overlook. Most people head to ABC Commissary or the Studio Catering Company. They are missing out on some good barbeque. Fairfax Fare offers chicken and spareribs. As with La Cantina de San Miguel one of the big drawbacks here is outdoor only seating.

Animal Kingdom

Flame Tree Barbecue: A real favorite for visitors to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Flame Tree is found on Discovery Island and offers ribs, chicken and pork sandwiches. The seating area is large but spread out and outdoors. But there is some bad news…Flame Tree is currently closed for refurbishment but some of their offerings are available at kiosks like Beastly Kiosk (also on Discovery Island) and Trilo-bite in Dinoland.

Honorable Mention

Be Our Guest: Be Our Guest is one of the hottest meals in the Magic Kingdom. And by hottest Grumpy means it is hard to get into not that the food everywhere else is cold. In fact it is so popular it is the only quick service (as of publication date) that offers Advanced Dining Reservations.

So why is it honorable mention? For one because you probably will not be able to get in there and it doesn’t really matter what they offer or how good it is if you cannot get in. Secondly, it is only Quick Service for breakfast and lunch. At dinner it becomes Table Service.

Be Our Guest is located in the new Beast’s Castle. It is impressive from the outside and inside. The menu has a French flair to it and includes Croque Monsieur (Grilled Sandwich of Carved Ham and Gruyere Cheese and Bechamel) with Pommes Frites, carved Turkey Sandwich Carved and carved prime chuck roast beef sandwich.



Disney Changing Refillable Mugs

Disney Changing Refillable Mugs

Disney is changing Refillable Mugs again! Guests will no longer be able to purchase mugs for short stays at a reduced rate. All mugs will instead be $16.49+tax

Those who have been around a while will remember mugs used to be much cheaper than that. The mug was good for the length of your stay and only meant to be used at your resort for that stay.

Disney Changing Refillable Mugs

Of course there was some abuse. People would reuse mugs from previous trips without ever paying again. (For the record that is stealing whether you think the price is too high or not. Whether Disney is charging too much or not is another matter.) Grumpy even had a picture of a woman filling jugs of soda at one of the resorts. Unfortunately I cannot find it again.

This theft led to Disney changing refillable mugs by introducing the Rapid Refill Mug. The Rapid Refill mug looks about the same as the old mug but it comes with a special chip in it. This RFID chip communicates with the dispensers at the Walt Disney World Resorts to let them know if you are authorized to get a drink.

When the Rapid Refill Mug was introduced Disney also introduced a tiered pricing system that let guest pay less for shorter stays.

One thing that surprised a lot of guests was that there was a delay between usages of the Mug. You could not fill it up and drink it down and fill it right back up. There is a 2-3 minute cool down period before you could use it again. This, no doubt, was another attempt by Disney to reduce theft.

Now that Disney has changed the price again (it actually went down for some people doing longer resort stays!) everyone must again evaluate whether the mug is worth it or not. Here are the key things to consider before you shell out $17.

  1. How often are you going to use the mug? If you are not going to use it often it might be better to just buy a single serve paper cup.
  2. How close are you to the refill stations. Most resorts have at most two locations you can use the mug at. Are you going to walk across the resort to get a soda or use one of the vending machines
  3. The locations are not open 24/7
  4. And last but not least, even if you don’t use it that much you can take it home and it makes everything you drink at home taste a little better.

What do you think about the Rapid Refill Mugs and the new price?
For more information visit

Lunch Reservations For Be Our Guest

Did Grumpy really just say making lunch reservations for Be Our Guest? Why yes he did!

Be Our Guest was part of the New Fantasyland expansion. The building is a recreation of Beast’s castle from Disney’s 1991 animated movie Beauty And The Beast. Continue reading Lunch Reservations For Be Our Guest

Cinderellas Royal Table Closed For Refurbishment

Cinderellas Royal Table Closed

For many people, especially young princesses, there is no experience like eating in Cinderella’s Castle with Cinderella and her princess friends.  Cinderella’s Royal Table is one of the most popular dining reservations at Walt Disney World. It is also one of the hardest to get and one of the more expensive options.

So imagine the broken hearts when the Disney Parks Blog announced that Cinderellas Royal Table was going to be closed for a good part of 2015. The refurbishment will last from January 8th, 2015 until sometime in March.

Cinderella To Hold Court at Citrico’s

While Cinderella’s Castle will not be a dining option during the refurbishment Disney does have an alternative. During the time the Castle is closed guests can meet Cinderella and her princess friends at Citrico’s. Citrico’s is at the Grand Floridian and only a monorail trip away.

Unfortunately there will be no lunch or dinner available. The only dining options will be breakfast and brunch. All of the princesses will visit each table for photo opportunities. There will also be a special “Magical Wishing Ceremony” which will include “wishing wands” and “wishing swords” for young guests.

The cost for those over nine will be $49.99. Children ages 3-9 will be $31.99. For those using the Disney Dining Plan it will cost two table service credits (just like dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table.)

A Royal Rip Off?

Grumpy has dined at Cinderella’s Royal Table. It was quite an experience. The experience, however, was not the food or the princesses. The most exciting part of eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table is being in the castle.Cinderellas Royal Table Closed

Unfortunately it costs just as much to eat with Cinderella at Citrico’s as it does in her castle. For many people the whole point of dining with Cinderella is not the princesses it is the castle. You can dine with princesses at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall at Epcot. But dining reservations at Akershus are much easier to get and it costs less too.  Of course Grumpy is not sure it’s worth the cost and the hassle to eat at Cinderellas Royal Table at all.

Grumpy is not trying to be a Disney hater. Grumpy loves Walt Disney World but he is also honest.

Read more (including the menu) at the official Disney Parks Blog here.

What do you think? Is Grumpy right or wrong? Feel free to comment below and if you like this article give is a share on your favorite platform or a Google +1.


Top Five Disney World Snacks

Grumpy has picked his top five Disney World snacks. Disney fans are passionate about their favorites whether you are talking about rides, shows, parks or even snacks. So this list might generate a little controversy. Just keep in mind these are Grumpy’s favorites and you can agree or disagree. In fact Grumpy encourages you to tell him why he is right (or wrong) in the comments section.

In the interest of fairness you should know Grumpy likes his adventures on rides and not the table. So some of the more exotic choices available (like sushi) will not make the list because Grumpy is afraid to try them.

Continue reading Top Five Disney World Snacks