Casey's Corner

Casey’s Corner

If you love baseball and food that goes with it Casey’s Corner at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom might be the place for you.  Casey’s Corner is located conveniently on Mainstreet where a road opens up to lead you to Adventureland.  It is the last building on the left (if you are walking down Mainstreet towards Cinderella’s Castle.)  There is a piano on the sidewalk next to the building.

Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner is a quick service restaurant. It is one of the better ones that the Magic Kingdom has to offer. Casey’s Corner takes its name from the a segment of the Walt Disney animated anthology musical, Make Mine Music. Casey’s is a tribute to the segment Casey at the Bat which is itself based on the poem by Ernest Thayer.

Casey is the hometown hero of the Mudville Nine. The Mudville Nine are a fictional baseball team that played in the late 19th and early 20th century. The edifice of Casey’s corner is consistent with architecture of that time period. The interior is designed to invoke images of being at the ball park.

Outside of Casey’s there is a piano. Several time a day a piano player will entertain guests. Songs will primarily be from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

 The Menu

The menu at Casey’s Corner reflects the baseball theme. When it comes to baseball hat could be more appropriate than hot dogs?  Of course there are some other treats like cracker jack and cotton candy that also go hand in hand with baseball. They are available too.

Most people are not excited by hot dogs. Grumpy passed this one by for a long time with his big, fat grumpy nose in the air. When Grumpy actually stopped I realized maybe I should have been called Stupid instead. These hot dogs are great!

The hot dog comes in three varieties, plain, barbecue slaw dog and chili cheese dog. The menu also offers polish sausage. All of the dogs and the polish sausage come with a choice of apple slices or french fries. (If you don’t want fries or apples you can order them without.)

For those who resist the lure of the all american hot dog there are also corn dog nuggets and ball park nachos, neither of which come with apples or fries.

The menu is rounded out by Cracker Jack, Cotton Candy, Brownies and a la carte french fries. Drinks are your standard Disney offerings.

Casey’s also has a toppings bar. Pretty standard stuff but it does include that liquid cheese. Grumpy is not a fan but most people love it on their fries.


Seating is limited at Casey’s. There is no other honest way to say it. There is indoor and outdoor seating.

The indoor seating used to be limited to four tables and some simulated bleachers. There was also a TV playing baseball related animated shorts. The bleachers and the TV are gone. They have been replaced by additional tables.

The outdoor seating has been expanded too. If you can get the right table Casey’s is a great spot to sit down and watch Wishes while you enjoy your hot dog. Of course almost everyone knows this so good luck getting one of them.

Grumpy Thoughts

So is Casey’s Corner worth it? Yes! Grumpy thinks about Casey’s Corner a lot. I cannot wait to get back there and get some more. The only thing to grump about is the serious lack of seating. Food is served on cardboard trays. They are not especially stable when you have to search for a seat that could be as far away as Adventureland.

What are your thoughts on Casey’s? Share in the comments please.

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