Blue Name Tags at Disney World

Blue Name Tags At Disney World

You can learn a lot from a Disney cast member name tag.  Of course it has the person’s name on it. It will also have their hometown/country or college (for Disney College Program participants.) It might also indicate if they speak a language other than English or if they know sign language. You can also learn a lot from the color of the name tag. We are all used to the white ones but what are the blue name tags at Disney World?

Blue Name Tags at Disney World

When most people think of Disney they think of rides and shows. Disney does have those but it has something else that is responsible for a lot of the magic. That something else is the cast member.

Cast members can turn a bad day into a great day. They can turn a great day into an even greater day. Unfortunately they can also turn a good day into a bad day. Yes even Disney cast members have bad days and can take it out on the guests.

The suits at Walt Disney know that cast members can make or break the dream. They make sure the everyone is trained to give each guest a magical experience.  For the most part they have succeeded. Grumpy, honestly, cannot think of one negative experience with a cast member.

Though every cast member has the job of making that Disney magic  happen some go above and beyond what is expected.  The suits wanted to recognize those who go that extra distance to make guests feel special. To that end they created the Walt Disney Legacy Award.

Employees who receive the Walt Disney Legacy Award receive a special blue name tag. The blue name tag also has a silver pin with Sorcerer Mickey on it and the word “Legacy” underneath.

Blue Name Tags at Disney World

 Choosing recipients for the Walt Disney Legacy Award

Recipients for the Walt Disney Legacy Award are nominated by their fellow cast members. They are nominated by the people they work with or who work for them. This works much better than having a cast member’s superiors nominate the recipients. We have all worked with that one mouse who is constantly puckered up when the boss is around. That’s all grumpy is going to say about that.

Nominations are then reviewed by a panel of cast members, managers and executives. This panel is looking for people who excel in three areas: Dream, Create and Inspire. (Which also happen to be on the prized blue tag.)

Once winners are chosen they are given their awards.  Each award is presented in an individualized ceremony. It is regarded as quite the honor to receive the Walt Disney Legacy Award.

If you happen to run into one of these special cast members, Grumpy suggests you let them know you appreciate their hard work.

Who Is Eligible to Win the Walt Disney Legacy Award

The Walt Disney Legacy Award is not limited to just Walt Disney World.  Employees at any of the Disney parks and resorts are eligible. Employees of Disney Cruise Lines are also eligible.

Upper level management members are not eligible.

Can I Nominate Someone For the Walt Disney Legacy Award (Unless you are a cast member)

No you cannot. But you can help them get recognized.  If you get a particularly excellent cast member experiences stop by guest services.  Then ask for Guest Compliment Form.  Fill out the form with the cast member name, location and date they were working. This will be forwarded up the chain and could help the cast member when promotion time comes.

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