Rumor Jedi Academy Is Closing Not Completely True

Yesterday a rumor started circulating that the Jedi Academy is closing. Now Disney rumors come and they go. Some end up being at least partly true. Others turn out to be completely false.

The rumor about the Jedi Academy closing seemed very strange. After all, Disney is spending a lot of money creating Galaxy’s Edge at both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios. This is one of those rumors that turned out to be partly true. Continue reading Rumor Jedi Academy Is Closing Not Completely True

Epcot Rumors and Updates October 2018

Its time for some Epcot rumors and news! Every other park has had either a new land added (Toy Story Land¬† and Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios and Pandora – The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom) or a major land expansion (the New Fanstasy Land Expansion at the Magic Kingdom.)

So let’s talk about what we know is coming to Epcot and also what Epcot rumors are floating around. And if I miss something be sure to let me know in the comments. Or just let me know what you think about everything going on. Continue reading Epcot Rumors and Updates October 2018

Ratatouille Ride Coming to Epcot

]There is a new Ratatouille ride coming to Epcot! It only seems fair that Epcot should get something because every other park has been getting some major love. It is Epcot’s turn!

Ratatouille ride Epcot France
Concept art for the France Pavilion with a 4D Ratatouille ride.

I’m going to be completely honest when I say Epcot is my least favorite park. I know some of you love it and I am not saying it is a bad park.¬† But it is my least favorite. To each their own, right? One of the things I love about Walt Disney World is that there is something for everyone! Maybe this new ride and the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster will change my mind. Who knows? Continue reading Ratatouille¬†Ride Coming to Epcot

Galaxy’s Edge: What we know so far

Unless you live on a planet even more remote than Tatooine you have probably heard about Galaxy’s Edge. Galaxy’s Edge is the name of a new Star Wars land being¬† built at Disneyland in California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

The new land was announced in 2015 but Disney did not give us a lot of details. Since then we have learned a lot more about it so let’s take a look at some of what we know.

Continue reading Galaxy’s Edge: What we know so far

Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon Ride Update

The excitement has been building for Galaxy’s Edge, the new Star Wars themed land at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland. We have been promised an immersive land featuring heroes and villains from a galaxy far, far away. There will be two new rides as well as entertainment and dining. One ride will be a¬† dark ride featuring the New Order and the second is a¬†Millennium Falcon ride.

In typical Disney fashion details are kind of sparse but some were included in a the Target exclusive release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Let’s take a look and see what we learned.

For full coverage of Galaxy’s Edge click here. Continue reading Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon Ride Update

Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster at Epcot

Like all of the other parks at parks at Walt Disney World Epcot is getting some big changes. One of those changes meant the end of Ellen’s Universe of Energy to make way for a brand new attraction, a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster.

This is all part of an effort to update and upgrade Walt Disney World’s second theme park. Other projects include a¬†Ratatouille inspired ride at the France pavilion in World showcase and maybe more.

While we do not know a whole lot about this new attraction? Let’s take a look at what we do know. Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster at Epcot

Rafiki’s Planet Watch Closing In October

(Update: Some sources now say Rafiki’s Planet Watch will not be closed permanently. It is only going down for a refurbishment. I cannot find a good source to confirm or deny this but we can hope it is not going away.)

According to the Orlando Sentinel Rafiki’s Planet Watch will be closing soon! There have been rumors for a while and now it is happening.¬† Disney has not announced any replacement yet but animal care facilities will remain open (for animal care not to the public.)

I hate to see (almost) anything closed at Walt Disney World but it happens. Sometimes for a very good reason and sometimes for a less good one. So why is Disney doing this? And what will become of the land? I can only speculate but read on for my thoughts (and share yours too!) Continue reading Rafiki’s Planet Watch Closing In October

Tron Roller Coaster at the Magic Kingdom

When Shanghai Disney land opened the Tron Roller Coaster amazed guests. Officially called the Tron Lightcycle Power Run this coaster allowed people to strap into a lightcycle and enter the world of Tron.

Needless to say guests at American parks were a little jealous until it was confirmed that Tron was coming to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. That announcement left some room for speculation. Where would it go? Would anything be closed to make way for it? Continue reading Tron Roller Coaster at the Magic Kingdom

New Festival of the Lion King Dining Package

Disney will soon be offering a Festival of the Lion King Dining Package. This package will let you combine a signature dining experience with reserved seating for one of the best shows at Walt Disney World, Festival of the Lion King.

The dining package comes in two tiers and will be available August 13th, 2018 until November 21st, 2018. Continue reading New Festival of the Lion King Dining Package

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