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Blue Name Tags At Disney World

You can learn a lot from a Disney cast member name tag.  Of course it has the person’s name on it. It will also have their hometown/country or college (for Disney College Program participants.) It might also indicate if they speak a language other than English or if they know sign language. You can also learn a lot from the color of the name tag. We are all used to the white ones but what are the blue name tags at Disney World? Continue reading Blue Name Tags At Disney World

Disney Avatarland Hit or Miss

Disney Avatarland Hit or Miss

On September 17, 2011 Disney announced that a deal had been reached with James Cameron, Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox to bring an Avatar themed land to Walt Disney World. The immediate reaction from fans was mixed at best. Few loved the idea. Many hated it. Some adopted a wait and see attitude. What do you think? Will Avatarland be a hit or miss? Continue reading Disney Avatarland Hit or Miss

Paper Fastpasses Returning?

Paper Fastpasses Returning?

Disney knows the worst part of visiting a theme park is waiting in line for rides. Guests waiting in line for hours for a two to three minute ride are not happy (or spending money on food and souvenirs.) So Disney introduced the Fastpass system in 1999 to get people out of line (and back to spending money?) In 2014 Disney eliminated the paper Fastpasses (seen below) and replaced them with a RFID system. But are the old paper Fastpasses returning?

Paper Fastpasses Returning
The old paper Fastpass at Walt Disney World
History of Fastpasses

Fastpasses were introduced in late 1999. They were and continue to Continue reading Paper Fastpasses Returning?

Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios?

Ever since the announcement that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 people have been asking, guessing and dreaming  about Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios. Rumors have ranged from there will be a new Star Wars attraction to there will be an entirely new theme parks. The most accepted rumor has been that it will be more than a single attraction and less than a a new park.  That means a new land similar to Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure. Continue reading Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios